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This Poor Cat Is Another Feline Victim Of A Hit-And-Run, But Thankfully She’s Okay Now

This Poor Cat Is Another Feline Victim Of A Hit-And-Run, But Thankfully She’s Okay Now

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My heart breaks every time I hear about a cat being hit by a careless driver who then leaves without checking if the animal is okay. 

I can’t understand how someone could be so cruel as to not stop and see if the feline they hit is alright, or at least call a local rescue to report the incident if they’re in a hurry.

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many stray and feral cats, who must be extra vigilant when crossing streets; as if life on the streets isn’t already hard enough. 

Thankfully, there are still many compassionate individuals who are ready to drop everything to help a cat in need.

Today’s feline protagonist, a victim of a hit-and-run, owes her life to one such kind human.

man helping a cat
Credit: YouTube

It all began when a man, on his way home, noticed something unusual in the middle of the road. Approaching closer, he realized it wasn’t an old rug or a paper bag, but a motionless cat that had been hit by a car.

Heartbroken by the state he found her in, the man gently moved her to the side of the road to avoid further danger, then rushed home to retrieve his car keys and take her to the nearest vet. 

Upon his return, the cat had started walking on her own, but her gait was unsteady, and she frequently fell, clearly in distress and trying to flee the scene. 

cat on the street
Credit: YouTube

The man tried to catch her on his own, but he soon realized it was a task beyond his power. Not wanting to leave the cat to fend for herself, the man contacted the local animal rescue, asking for their help.

He sent them the cat’s picture, gave them the exact address, and waited for their arrival. 

When rescuers arrived, they joined forces to safely capture the cat and take her for the urgent medical care she needed.

man carrying a cat in kennel
Credit: YouTube

The cat was frightened, skittish, and a bit aggressive, dodging the rescuers and stumbling often until she eventually jumped into a cat carrier on her own.

Satisfied with the outcome, the rescuers were ready to head to the vet when they learned something intriguing regarding the cat they just caught…

man holding two kittens
Credit: YouTube

In a conversation with a couple of locals, the rescuers found out that the cat was actually a new mother. Determined not to separate the furry family, the rescuers set out to find her kittens.

Near the spot where she was hit, they discovered a couple of adorable orange kittens, all alone and visibly distressed. 

However, a young boy told them that those weren’t actually her kittens; the cat stepped in as their mom when their biological mother abandoned them, but she also had her own babies, safely hidden somewhere around the neighborhood. 

tiny kitten held in hand
Credit: YouTube

The boy explained that two of her kittens were at his home, and there were two more elsewhere. With no time to lose, one rescuer took the cat to the vet while another stayed behind.

After collecting the two kittens from the boy, he went to look for the two remaining babies.

Thankfully, his search didn’t last long as he found the kittens in a nearby park, safely hidden in a bush. With all the kittens collected, the rescuer headed to the vet too. 

cat getting examined
Credit: YouTube

At the vet, the cat became more aggressive and difficult to manage. However, the skilled vet was able to soothe her and make her more comfortable. 

Upon examination, he found she had no serious injuries, only minor scratches, and was understandably stressed from the accident. 

He administered some medication and anticipated a speedy recovery, much to everyone’s relief.

tiny kittens
Credit: YouTube

Her kittens were doing well, too! The vet examined them and reported they were happy and healthy with a bright future ahead. 

The rescuers fed them some kitten formula and took them to the shelter to await their mom’s recovery.

The ginger kittens found with the cat were also in good condition. Being slightly older, they could eat solid food on their own. 

After enjoying some delicious cat food, they were taken to the shelter to join the other felines.

kittens playing
Credit: YouTube

A day or two later, once the cat had fully recovered, the rescuers reunited her with her kittens at the shelter. They initially kept her in a separate area, allowing her to fully relax and regain her strength. 

It took some time for the mother to adjust to the new environment and the presence of resident cats. 

However, for the sake of her kittens, she gradually stepped out of her comfort zone and approached to feed them.

scared cat nursing kittens
Credit: YouTube

Once she began feeding her kittens, the rescuers decided to give the little family their own space, away from the other felines, to help the mother feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

Considering all the stress she had endured, they wanted to do something special for her, so they prepared a private room where she could feel safe and protected.

cat nursing kittens
Credit: YouTube

In their new room, the cat and her kittens thrived, feeling happier than they ever had before. 

Their days on the street were a thing of the past; now, they were on the path to finding a forever home where they could live out their happily ever after.

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