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This Adorable Kitty Was Abandoned By His Owners For The Most Bizarre Reason Ever

This Adorable Kitty Was Abandoned By His Owners For The Most Bizarre Reason Ever

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Many people just swallow their emotions and move on with their lives when they see an abandoned animal. Well, that’s not what my friend Sandra does. 

She’s a huge animal lover, so she cannot stand people abandoning their pets or – even worse – abusing them.

Sandra called me, and I could immediately tell that she was extremely angry and stressed. She couldn’t even talk properly, so I rushed to her immediately. I saw her with tears in her eyes, holding a young kitten wrapped in her jacket. 

I didn’t ask her anything because it was obvious that she couldn’t talk; I just took the kitten and Sandra with me. The first thing I did was call my colleague and experienced vet Dr. Iram Sharma, who told me to come to her clinic immediately, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

While the vet was examining the kitten, Sandra finally calmed down and started talking, and I just couldn’t wait to find out what stressed her so much.

“I stopped at the gas station to pick up a few things, and while I was going back to my car, I noticed a red car behind mine. Then I saw two people doing something and I just felt there was something strange about it. At first, I thought it was none of my business. But when I approached my car, I accidentally saw a woman taking a cat out of the car. Thank God I saw that, so I had to ask what was going on,” Sandra said.

close shot of grey cat

She described the man and woman as very rude and cruel to the poor animal. She continued, saying:

“I asked them what they were doing, and if I could help to see their reaction, but to my surprise, they were so rude. They told me to back off as it was not my business. I immediately got angry as I assumed they were going to leave that poor kitten there to starve and die.”

Sandra was persistent and asked them about the kitten because she didn’t want to leave it there. However, they replied that they didn’t want the kitten anymore. Apparently, the kitten was annoying for being too affectionate, and their kids weren’t interested in their pet cat at all.

“Can you imagine someone leaving a kitten for being too affectionate? I mean, they don’t deserve not even one pet, because after two days they’re going to get rid of it as it’s too boring. But, despite all of that, I tried to stay calm and suggested they take the kitten to a rescue center where he’ll be safe until they find him forever home.”

close shot of adopted cat

The couple replied that they didn’t want to bother themselves or explain themselves to anyone for leaving the kitten at a shelter, so this option was way easier for them. Sandra continued:

“And then I got completely angry, I told them that I will call the cops. They just laughed, quickly put the kitten down, and got away so fast that I couldn’t stop them. I would have followed them if there wasn’t an abandoned kitten there, and I knew that God actually sent me to this place as this kitten needed me.”

I always say that everything happens for a reason. That day, Sandra needed to be there to save that poor kitten that was abandoned for being “too affectionate”.

While she was finishing the story, Dr. Irma finished the examination and told us that the kitten was completely healthy and also very friendly. I couldn’t take the kitten home with me, but I was thinking of taking it to the rescue center. But Sandra said no.

“I think that God sent me this kitten. I needed to save him, and he needed to save me. He needs to come home with me. He deserves the best life ever, and he’s gonna get it. That’s it.” Sandra said.

grey cat sitting on bed

I asked her about the couple, and what she was going to do about it, but she wasn’t sure. She needed to find the cameras to get their names, and she told me that she would like to report them to the police just because she wants people to stop behaving this way towards animals.

We really don’t deserve animals! I just can’t believe that someone could ever have the heart to leave a poor animal all alone. But then, I always say, there are still good people who know how to stand up for these animals and to help them.

Now, Sandra and her affectionate furry buddy are enjoying their best life.

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