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Poor Cat Gets Abandoned On The Brooklyn Streets With All His Belongings

Poor Cat Gets Abandoned On The Brooklyn Streets With All His Belongings

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This unfortunate cat was abandoned and thrown out onto the street. He was spotted sitting on Nostrand Avenue with all of his stuff scattered around him. All of it framed a heart-wrenching photo…

The poor cat appeared lonely and kept hiding away from people who were passing by the busy street corner of Brooklyn. The cat was surrounded by all his belongings; a litter box, some toys, a cushion, and other cat supplies.

A few days after the cat had been spotted, Nostrand (which was what he was named after being seen on Nostrand Avenue) disappeared out of fear of the street sweepers.

The local community rallied together to search for the missing kitty in order to rescue him and provide all the care he needed. After a lot of effort looking for Nostrand, the Flatbush Area Team for Cats (FAT Cats) shared their Facebook page:

“We immediately brought him to get vetted and screened for a microchip.” 

Elizabeth, one of the founders of FAT Cats, mentioned how Nostrand didn’t mind being examined or having his blood drawn for testing.

a photo of the cat that was thrown out on the street

She also highlighted the unfortunate reality that many male cats are abandoned as they grow older due to the high cost of neutering procedures.

People can’t afford it, so it’s easier for them to dump their male adult cat and get another cat instead… Horrible!

Following the vet examination, it was concluded that Nostrand was healthy, so they started looking for a loving home. 

Efforts were made to find him an owner that would provide all the love and attention he needed. Fortunately, many people were already lined up for his adoption, so Nostrand didn’t have trouble finding the purrfect home.

the abandoned cat now in his forever home

It’s important to remember the heartbreaking moments when he cried next to his belongings…

Nostrand receiving veterinary care

…on the crowded streets of Brooklyn. He even ran away and hid for a few days because he was too scared.

nostrand in the arms of his new owner

However, thanks to the dedication of his rescuers, Nostrand was found, received thorough veterinary care, and was ready to embark on a new life in his furever home.

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