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What This Rescued Mama Cat Did For Three Abandoned Kittens Will Warm Your Heart

What This Rescued Mama Cat Did For Three Abandoned Kittens Will Warm Your Heart

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You know when people say that good timing is everything? I’ve realized this a few times myself, and today I’ll tell you a story that’s all about perfect timing!

In the harsh outside world, stray cats have to find ways to stay safe and healthy. However, when a stray cat becomes pregnant, the struggle to survive becomes way harder. 

Cheesecake, an adorable gentle stray spent most of her life in the harsh streets. Luckily, kind-hearted people from around the neighborhood were making sure she was always well-fed. 

cat looking up at the camera
Credit: Facebook

Sadly, no one was able to adopt this gentle sweetheart, but little did she know her luck was about to change…

A woman decided to take Cheesecake to the vet and make sure their favorite cuddle bug was healthy. However, the vet told her that Cheesecake was pregnant!

This woman could not foster the soon-to-be mom and her babies so she decided to inform a small rescue organization in their community, The Stray Cat Club.

photo of cat sitting
Credit: Facebook

The amazing shelter volunteers immediately came to pick Cheesecake up and find her a suitable foster home. As they shared on Facebook:

“She is safe with us as we prepare to support and welcome her babies into the world.”

Cheesecake was now safe and sound with one of the foster volunteers, enjoying the warmth of a home for the very first time.

The next morning, her foster mom came to check up on sweet Cheesecake only to discover a furry surprise! 

cat lying with kittens
Credit: Facebook

While everyone in the house was peacefully sleeping, mama Cheesecake welcomed her kittens into the world! As said in an update:

“Yesterday, we made the crucial decision to bring in Cheesecake the pregnant stray cat, and today, it’s clear that timing was everything.”

This sweet mama was making tiny biscuits while her three babies were sleeping next to her. Luckily, she was saved just in time and was able to welcome her babies in a safe space.

tiny kitten
Credit: Facebook

However, only a few days later The Stray Cat Club was contacted by another rescue center in their local area. They also saved a pregnant stray cat, but after a c-section, this poor mama rejected her babies.

The shelter was now faced with three newborn kittens without a mom and a suitable foster home. Since newborn kittens need constant care and attention, the shelter workers were faced with a challenging task.

kittens lying
Credit: Facebook

Fortunately, The Stray Cat Club had an amazing idea that proved to be the best possible solution. As they shared in a post:

“We acted quickly, and after bringing them in, we have successfully integrated them with one of our current nursing mother, Cheesecake. It’s heartwarming to see them finding comfort and care in their new home. Here’s to brighter days ahead for these precious little ones!”

mama cat cuddling with kitten
Credit: Facebook

Mama Cheesecake now had six kittens, welcoming the three rejected babies like her own. She immediately started grooming and nursing them, turning into a real purr machine!

This heartwarming story is a true example of good timing. Everything worked out perfectly for Cheesecake – she never has to worry about the harsh street life again!

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