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Cat That Made Headlines For Being Banned From Favorite Tesco Store Makes A Sneaky Comeback

Cat That Made Headlines For Being Banned From Favorite Tesco Store Makes A Sneaky Comeback

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Meet Pumpkin, the charming ginger cat who turned the Tesco supermarket into his personal playground, prompting the store management to ban him from entering. However, Pumpkin had other plans… Let’s hear all about it!

Pumpkin found his favorite haunt at the local Tesco supermarket close to the home he shares with his owner, Jo Harding. His charm soon made him a mini-celebrity among shoppers, who looked forward to his presence.

cat in store
Source: Jo Harding

However, not everyone at the store was thrilled with Pumpkin’s appearance. While many customers loved to see him during their shopping trips, store staff saw him as more of a mischievous troublemaker.

In response, management decided to ban Pumpkin from entering. Little did they know, this decision would spark a whole drama among customers and fans of the mischievous feline.

close view of cute cat
Source: Jo Harding

The news about Pumpkin being banned from the store quickly made headlines and didn’t sit well with the community. Outraged customers voiced their support for Pumpkin, some even threatening to boycott the store if he wasn’t allowed back.

Despite the official ban, Pumpkin proved to be a cunning little cat. He discovered a loophole that allowed him to remain as close to the store as he could get without technically breaking the rules.

cat laying outside
Source: Jo Harding

Perching himself right by the entrance, he continued to receive adoration from passersby, much to the staff’s dismay. It was his subtle way of asserting his presence, almost as if saying ‘I’m still here!’ without technically crossing the threshold.

Pumpkin’s knack for bending the rules while keeping his charm intact seemed almost effortless. He had a way of skirting just close enough to the edge to keep everyone smiling!

cat laying in store
Source: Jo Harding

Two months passed, and guess who’s back at Tesco? That’s right, defying all expectations, Pumpkin sauntered back into the store, blatantly ignoring the ban that was supposed to keep him out.

He was caught red-pawed snoozing at his favorite self-checkout station, looking so comfortable you’d think he owned the place. It seemed Pumpkin had decided enough was enough! 

Jo chuckled and commented that Pumpkin’s stubborn nature was just part of his charm.

cute cat in store
Source: Jo Harding

Following this bold move, Pumpkin’s popularity grew even higher. Jo decided to create a Facebook group, where fans could follow his daily adventures.

It wasn’t long before it amassed over 3,000 followers, all eagerly awaiting updates on Pumpkin’s latest escapades. As Pumpkin continues to defy expectations, his fame only grows.

So here’s to Pumpkin, the Tesco sensation who proves rules are made to be bent (if you’re a cat with attitude, that is). Keep doing your thing, Pumpkin, you’ve got us all hooked on your shenanigans!

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