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Man Spots Kitten Trapped On 60-Foot Bridge Above Ongoing Traffic, Desperately Crying For Help

Man Spots Kitten Trapped On 60-Foot Bridge Above Ongoing Traffic, Desperately Crying For Help

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Rudy Pina, an animal control officer, was cruising down the freeway in Fresno, just doing his thing, when he suddenly noticed something totally surprising. 

Up on a concrete bridge, a small kitten was stuck in a hole, meowing loudly as cars passed below.

This tiny fluffy creature, sitting dangerously high up 60 feet in the air, was in a really scary situation. Luckily, Rudy wasn’t going to just watch and do nothing. He shared in an interview:

“I have absolutely no idea how she got there.”

kitten trapped in bridge
Source: ACO Rudy Pina

Rudy had encountered many obstacles near highways before. However, this time, the risky situation was quite literally above traffic. As he pondered his options, he realized stopping the car was out of the question.

Thinking fast and staying determined, he understood he needed to move quickly. And so, he asked for a hero’s welcome – a traffic break! 

This brief pause in the traffic flow gave him the chance to run across the bridge and save the stranded kitten.

black kitten trapped
Source: ACO Rudy Pina

Just picture the suspense as Rudy inched closer, skillfully reaching out to grab the kitten from the hole. Everyone below held their breath in anticipation. Rudy continued:

“I was really worried that the cat might try to jump away from me.”

little black kitten
Source: ACO Rudy Pina

At last, with a successful grab, he rescued the kitten and brought her to safety. The crowd below let out a sigh of relief and cheered loudly.

After going through a scary situation, the cat was understandably nervous at first, but she soon started getting used to her new home at the shelter. 

black kitten in crate
Source: ACO Rudy Pina

Rudy mentioned that the volunteers at the shelter really like her because she’s so friendly and kind. 

Even though she had a rough start, this brave little cat is now safe and happy, all set for a new beginning. With such an interesting story, it’s certain that she’ll find a forever family who will love her very soon.

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