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Cat In A Critical Condition Barely Makes It After Going Through Suspected Abuse

Cat In A Critical Condition Barely Makes It After Going Through Suspected Abuse

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The world is sometimes a harsh place, and innocent animals are the ones who usually suffer the most. 

I’m going to tell you a story about Rosa, a cat who went through a lot after enduring abuse…

cat getting her eyes examined
Credit: Facebook

When she was brought to a rescue center at only 16 weeks old, Rosa was in a very bad state. She was malnourished, thirsty, and her fur was covered in a toxic fiberglass epoxy resin. 

The rescuers think that this might’ve been done on purpose, but nobody knows the whole truth about what actually happened.

cat in critical condition
Credit: Facebook

The rescue team was shocked by Rosa’s condition. She was one of the sickest cats they’d ever seen, which led them to believe she wouldn’t survive the night. 

She was extremely thin, with ulcers in her mouth and burns covering her entire body, from her head and face to all four legs. 

However, despite this, the rescuers never gave up. They worked tirelessly to clean her wounds and apply bandages to help her heal.

cat getting treated
Credit: Facebook

Rosa’s recovery was very long. Because she couldn’t blink, the rescuers put special eye gel on her eyes every hour, all day and all night. 

They also gave her fluids through a tube in her arm for many weeks and changed the bandages on her wounds many times each day. 

Even though it was really hard, Rosa still stayed strong. She got the nickname “Sassypants” because she was always playful and loving. 

abused cat wearing pink cast
Credit: Facebook

The vets went above and beyond by trying innovative procedures on her that had never been done on a cat before. 

They even used special dressings usually used in human plastic surgery while she was in intensive care.

vet hugging the cat
Credit: Facebook

These surgeries were quite costly, but they were fully funded by generous donations. The goal was to help Rosa see again and be able to blink.

Thankfully, Rosa made progress in her recovery every day and after a week, she no longer required fluids through an IV.

Three weeks later, Rosa accomplished another milestone – she managed to stand up on her own for the very first time! 

When week nine arrived, the bandages on her legs were finally taken off. At 13 weeks, her head wounds and legs were almost completely healed, but the important eye surgeries still needed to be done. 

cat recovering
Credit: Facebook

Amazingly, leading eye doctors offered their skills for these groundbreaking procedures. 

They reconstructed the tissue around Rosa’s eye, creating a normal eyelid and using a piece of skin to help with the healing process. 

The most recent update reveals that Rosa successfully went through a complicated three-hour surgery. Thanks to the hard work of the specialists and the kindness of the donors, she is not only recovering well but also looking much better.

abused cat almost recovered
Credit: Facebook

Rosa needed time and care before finding her forever home, but most importantly her playful spirit is back and she’s making amazing progress. 

I believe she’ll soon find a loving family who will give her all the love she needs. It’s so nice to see her doing so well, and it makes me hopeful that she’ll have a happy future ahead.

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