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Desperate Cat Brings Her Kittens To A Couple’s Garden And What Happens Next Will Make Your Day

Desperate Cat Brings Her Kittens To A Couple’s Garden And What Happens Next Will Make Your Day

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Lucy’s life has been far from easy. When her rescuers discovered her, she was in dire shape, severely malnourished, and begging for help. Her journey was filled with hardships before she finally found her forever humans!

Joff and Julia spotted Lucy in their garden for the first time at their new house. She was hiding behind a wall, looking for help, and her two tiny kittens were peeking out too.

two hungry cats
Source: YouTube

The couple couldn’t get a good look at her because she was scared and wouldn’t let them get close. 

But even from far away, Julia could see that Lucy was really skinny and had lots of wounds. They later learned these were from ringworms and likely fights with other stray cats.

cats laying near pool
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Julia and Joff started leaving food and water for the mama cat and her kittens. 

“In the beginning, we would put out the food and then we had to go back inside because she wouldn’t come close if we were there.”

However, every morning Lucy was waiting by their garden door, struggling to survive each day.

very hungry cat
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Julia knew they already had cats and couldn’t save every cat in need, but they chose to help this mom cat and her kittens. 

However, since they couldn’t touch Lucy or get near her, they used a humane trap to catch her and her kittens safely.

cute kitten standing on a doorway
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Joff and Julia prepared a room just for Lucy and her kittens so they could get used to their new surroundings. They took their time and just stayed with them in the room without pushing. 

Lucy never scratched or bit them, but she looked really upset. She tried to hide her kittens and always stood in front to protect them.

two cats in the house
Source: YouTube

A few weeks in, things started to get better. Julia wore gloves and was able to pet Lucy for the first time.

owner with gloves petting a cat
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It took about three months, but Lucy began to enjoy cuddles and human touch, slowly starting to play. 

Her kittens were puzzled by a ball at first, but they eventually got the hang of it. The adjustment took a while, but Julia believes it’s been an amazing journey and completely worth it.

For the first few months, Julia was unsure what to expect. At first, Lucy and her kittens were scared, and it took them time to settle down. 

Julia was uncertain about their personalities or their future together. But it turned out, Lucy and her kittens are all about love! The kittens have become friendly and social, even sleeping with Joff and Julia every night.

woman holding a cute and healthy cat
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They all enjoy napping on their humans’ laps and absolutely love getting kisses on their faces. But above all, Lucy adores getting chin scratches! 

As Lucy trusts Joff and Julia more, her wonderful personality shines through even more. She’s totally at ease now, as if she understands that she and her kittens are safe and she no longer needs to be on guard.

three cats laying together
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Joff and Julia just had to adopt the courageous mom cat and her kittens as their bond grew stronger every day. Julia talks about how rewarding it is to give them a loving home:

“It’s the most rewarding feeling to know that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore and she will live a better life now.”

cute cat and owner
Source: YouTube

Joff says they think of their cats like their kids, and he knows some might find that silly, but it doesn’t bother him. 

They love spending time together and especially love watching Lucy interact with her kittens. You can clearly see how much she adores her little ones, cuddling, playing, and spending lots of time with them.

cat laying on a guy legs
Source: YouTube

Every cat deserves a shot at a happy life, and Julia and Joff show that saving a stray can take time but is absolutely worth it. Their effort to rescue Lucy demanded patience and dedication as well, which they gladly provided. 

Lucy is now thrilled to be in a home with such caring humans. She bravely reached out for help and fortunately found the perfect pair to take her in!

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