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Two Stray Cat Brothers Get Second Chance At Life After Overcoming Health Issues

Two Stray Cat Brothers Get Second Chance At Life After Overcoming Health Issues

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Cats living on the streets face a harsh reality where hunger is a constant issue. Every day is like a game of luck – searching for food, being careful around speeding cars, and always worrying about getting sick.

This was the everyday life of Qiqi and his brother, two skinny strays with tangled fur, who had become skilled at surviving the unforgiving city streets.

two related cats
Source: YouTube

Qiqi, the older one, had scars on his body from all the fights he had been through. On the other hand, his little brother followed close behind, always looking scared and hungry, just like him.

However, things changed for the better when kind-hearted people found them and saw how difficult things were. 

They decided to lend a helping hand and make sure these cats never went hungry again.

two cats eating
Source: YouTube

They tried to give them food like sausages and powdered milk, but it wasn’t enough to fill their empty stomachs. After seeing this, the rescuers realized how much these cats needed help and promised to take care of them.

They kept coming by every day to feed them and check on them. No matter the weather, these two poor felines could always count on them for food. However, everything took a turn for the worse on the fourth day.

When the rescuers arrived to see how they were doing, they discovered that Qiqi’s brother had injured his foot. Apart from that, both cats were extremely malnourished and near the point of no return.

injured orange cat
Source: YouTube

After they realized that both cats needed medical attention, they brought them to the vet. Once they got there, it was discovered that Qiqi, the big brother, had a stomach infection, foreign objects stuck in his stomach, and severe swelling. 

To add to the challenge, Qiqi’s brother’s broken leg was only partially healed. Soon enough, they were treated and had to stay at the hospital for monitoring. 

Being in the hospital was needed but still really hard. Seeing his brother in pain, the needles, and the strange place made Qiqi really anxious.

ginger cat in a box
Source: YouTube

Even though his brother was brave during the shots he had to get, Qiqi started to get more afraid of people. 

Thankfully, after spending a whole ten days in the hospital, the younger brother’s leg fully healed. He felt way better, started eating more, and became more playful.

That’s how he got his happy ending – the rescuer’s sister decided to bring him home! He was about to go on an exciting journey, one that included comfy beds, delicious food, and, most importantly, the never-ending love of a forever family.

close view of adorable cat
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Qiqi, however, wasn’t quite out of the woods yet. Just a month after leaving the hospital, his health issues resurfaced. He couldn’t groom himself, his fur was messy and dirty, and he didn’t feel like eating much. 

Because of his earlier hospital stay, he was so afraid he would hide under the bed whenever someone came near.

cat and bowl of food
Source: YouTube

His mouth and skin became inflamed again, and he had to go back to the hospital for another month. His second time in the hospital was tough and took a while, but little by little, he started to feel stronger. 

With the help of various medications, Qiqi was slowly getting better and was on the road to recovery.

As days passed and he received good care, he opened up to others. He got his appetite back and his body was finally getting the much-needed food, which resulted in him gaining the desired weight.

owner petting cat
Source: YouTube

Qiqi still has a couple of faint marks and memories of the hard life he had on the streets, but his life is much better now. 

Even though he may still remember some difficult times, he doesn’t have to go through them ever again.

So, if you see a stray cat that needs help, remember Qiqi. Think about how you can change its life and remember these amazing rescuers who never stopped working to give these special animals a new beginning.

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