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Man Has Trouble Breathing While Sleeping And The Main Culprit Is None Other Than His Cat

Man Has Trouble Breathing While Sleeping And The Main Culprit Is None Other Than His Cat

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Meet Achi, the ultimate snuggle ninja cat! This furry feline, owned by Lu, Twitter user stluis_htx, embarks on a nightly mission that even James Bond would envy.

Lu found himself pondering potential health issues causing his nighttime breathing troubles, but he wasn’t a smoker, and his days were issue-free… A true enigma, indeed.

This crafty cat dad sets up a sly surveillance system to uncover Achi’s nighttime escapades. Little did he know, the real action unfolds when he’s peacefully snoozing away.

As it turns out, Lu’s cat Achi is not only a master cuddler but also a stealthy snuggle enthusiast. 

Upon reviewing the footage, Lu uncovered Achi’s nightly routine: first, ensuring his human is in a deep slumber, and then, like any affectionate cat would, plopping down right on his owner’s face.

Yep, you heard it right! Achi’s bedtime routine? Full-on cuddle smothering!

Lu humorously shared the photos on Twitter, explaining:

“I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

man in bed with cat
Credit: Twitter

However, Lu took it all in stride! Once he unraveled Achi’s nighttime antics, suddenly those dreams of suffocation began to make sense!

Achi, caught red-pawed, feels no remorse whatsoever. But you know what? That’s perfectly fine with his owner, who’s overwhelmed by the love and affection Achi showers upon him.

cat walking in bed with owner
Credit: Twitter

Lu is deeply touched by Achi’s affection, though he might hope for a slightly different display of it moving forward. 

Nevertheless, Lu has no plans to put a stop to Achi’s nocturnal snuggle hijinks because, deep down, it’s all about love.

cat laying in bed with owner
Credit: Twitter

Achi’s unwavering desire to stay mere inches away from his human at all times? It’s undeniably heartwarming and sweet.

So, there you have it – an unusual reminder to investigate your cat’s nighttime routine, just to avoid the quirks Lu has encountered. Achi, the snuggle ninja, steals hearts and breaths with his boundless affection.

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