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Adorable Cat Brothers Race Each Other To Their Food Bowls

Adorable Cat Brothers Race Each Other To Their Food Bowls

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Meet Frankie and Theo, two utterly adorable cat brothers who are food-obsessed. Well, most cats are food-obsessed… However, this feline duo takes their food obsession to the next level. 

They race each other to their food bowls every time they hear the delightful sound of their automatic feeders dispensing their meals.

Their devoted mom Carlyn can never get bored with such kitties. She says:

“The second that the kibble dropped, they would just go sprinting – kind of like a Tokyo drift race car-style.”

Nothing can make this furry pair forget about their food. Even if they’re dead asleep, they’ll just immediately wake up when they hear the sound of kibbles in their bowls. And that’s when the tense race starts.

As their mom Carlyn says, Frankie, the orange boy, always gets first to his bowl. She added:

“Even if Theo’s right next to the feeder, Frankie will just plow him out of the way.”

Whenever their humans prepare their meals in a separate room, both Theo and Frankie immediately start scratching at the door and bolting at their humans, wanting them to open the door. 

Both kitties are unique in their own way. While Frankie is known for his lightning-fast speed, Theo prefers to demand the food in his own way. Their human dad says:

“Theo will jump up onto the counter, grab his food bowl, and bring it to us.”

Frankie and Theo are so food-motivated that they would do anything for it. Upon realizing that, their human parents came up with the idea of introducing cup obstacles to their mealtime routine, transforming it into an exciting race. Carlyn said:

“Frankie was an absolute pro. Theo had a little bit more trouble.”

While these obstacles did manage to slow them down a bit, Frankie and Theo’s enthusiasm often resulted in cups being unceremoniously knocked over, a testament to their unwavering dedication to mealtime.

Beyond their passion for cat food, both Frankie and Theo share a keen interest in human cuisine. Whenever their humans sit down to enjoy a meal, the feline brothers curiously sniff and smell their food. 

Apparently, that turned out to be another entertaining activity. The parents let their fur babies sniff their food, and they found out which things they like and which things they don’t like. 

“Frankie will just pat, pat if he doesn’t approve of something.”

Frankie’s pawing at things he doesn’t like is probably due to his feisty and spicy personality, which also helps him entertain his beloved humans.

On the other hand, Theo is just the cuddliest and sweetest cat ever. But together, they bring immeasurable joy and amusement to their parents’ lives. 

Frankie and Theo are so loved and taken good care of. They are always well-fed and receive a lot of different cat meals and treats. They’re living their best lives!

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