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Clever Cat Plays With Food Bowl To Ask For Dinner (VIDEO)

Clever Cat Plays With Food Bowl To Ask For Dinner (VIDEO)

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Oh, I can never be late for my cats’ meal time. They don’t pay attention when I say: “That’s enough playtime,” but they all know when it’s time to eat and won’t stop meowing until I serve them. 

It’s really funny, and every day they meow like crazy. I know what you’re thinking: “Well, just serve them on time.” I do serve them on time, but with seven of them, there’s always at least one meowing until they all have their food bowls.

Anyway, this smart kitty seems to have figured out how to get its dinner, even if it’s not dinner time… 

This fluffy orange and white kitty decided to bang the food bowl until it gets what it wants. Look at it, sleepy, probably just woke up from a nap, and it’s not waiting for anyone! It’s like it’s saying:

“Dinner! Now!”

After searching online, I’ve realized that this is just part of this cat’s routine. It makes noise to let everyone know its food bowl is empty.

Look at it… Hilarious!

This is one clever kitty! No dinner? No problem, I’ll just make noise so much you’ll have to give in! Hahaha.

And here’s another one! However, this kitty named Zoey doesn’t seem to be hungry, but she won’t stop rocking her bowl until her owner fills it.

The bowl looks better when it’s full, I guess.

This cat is on a diet, but she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it, hahaha. She flops next to her bowl and meows at her owners. 

“She’ll rock her bowl nonstop until we feed her. That’s her favorite thing.”

This cat is even more dramatic than the first one. Hahaha, she even falls asleep with her empty food bowl. 

And check this out, she got an automatic feeder! It helps keep track of her diet, but Zoey seems to be having an “existential crisis”. 

Hang in there Zoey, it’s for your own good! 

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