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Man’s Quest To Understand Chicken-Carrying Cat Leads To Heartfelt Realization

Man’s Quest To Understand Chicken-Carrying Cat Leads To Heartfelt Realization

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In the midst of our busy lives, a stray cat with a head injury caught the attention of everyone in this neighborhood. 

She stole over a hundred pieces of chicken breast during the course of 30 days. Or, at least, that’s what we thought at first…

It all begins with a stray cat, her fur matted and bearing the scars of past battles. For thirty consecutive days, this mysterious feline embarks on a peculiar quest, carrying pieces of chicken breast without taking a single bite.

Intrigued by the cat’s inexplicable behavior, a sharp-eyed reporter decided to investigate. Day after day, he observed her swift movements as she hurried across busy streets and disappeared into the bushes. 

photo of cat carrying a piece of chicken
Credit: Reddit

The more he watched, the more people began to talk.

From the watchful gaze of a nearby security guard to the astonished murmurs of residents, everyone was captivated by her daily escapades. 

The cat looks like it’s used to these “crimes” while residents nearby also said that they’ve seen her. They often spotted her carrying a piece of chicken breast larger than her own face.

cat walking with a piece of chicken in mouth
Credit: Reddit

Driven by insatiable curiosity, the intrepid reporter resolves to unravel the mystery shrouding this orange-white cat. He followed her closely, documenting her journey.

As he pursued the cat, she must have sensed she was being followed and became increasingly cautious. 

cat walking
Credit: Reddit

On one occasion, she quickly jumped onto a flower bed and vanished into a residential building’s yard. 

From an open window, a kind lady handed her a piece of chicken breast, and the cat hurriedly collected it and dashed away, seemingly on a mission to somewhere else.

But what was the connection between this lady and the cat? 

People see a cat carrying a piece of chicken every day; they try to find out where the cat is stealing it from and why. This Cat’s struggle, sacrifice, and Love is truly an Inspiration for all of us. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen on internet till now.
byu/Knight_TheRider inMadeMeSmile

The reporter approached her, and she shared that the cat came daily to beg for food, initially appearing pitiful.

She started by feeding the cat some cat food, but recently, the cat refused to leave after eating, waiting from morning to afternoon. Then one day, she gave the cat a piece of chicken breast, and that’s when their daily chicken-sharing routine began.

cat on wooden table
Credit: Reddit

However, the cat stopped coming by for a few days, causing the lady to worry. When the cat reappeared, she had more scars on her body. 

She remained well-behaved, waiting silently for the lady, so the lady ground up some anti-inflammatory drugs into the cat food to help with her injuries.

close-up photo of cat carrying a piece of chicken
Credit: Reddit

After she ate, the cat waited out front, so the lady went once again and fetched a piece of chicken for her feline friend.

The reporter also learned that the cat had been beaten, leading to her injuries. Another neighbor explained that many people mistakenly thought the cat was stealing meat, which caused some dissatisfaction.

Well, we know the cat is not a thief…but still, what is she doing with all the meat?

cat carrying chicken breast
Credit: Reddit

After days of surveillance, the reporter discovered that the cat was taking the meat to feed her kittens. She never took a bite herself, showcasing the depth of a mother’s love. 

Realization dawned upon the reporter: the cat was a mother, and every piece of meat she collected was for her babies.

cats eating chicken breast
Credit: Reddit

After observing the cat and her kittens for some time, the reporter explained the situation to the kind lady who had been feeding the mother cat. She was moved by the cat’s actions and had never realized that the cat was asking for food to feed her babies.

They saw that the kittens were unharmed and clean, and they seemed pretty healthy. It is visible that the mother cat took good care of them, especially with the help of a kind-hearted woman she had along the way.

cats with kittens
Credit: Reddit

The lady hoped they could save the cat and her kittens, as the cat’s injuries were at risk of infection. A rescue team arrived, set a trap with chicken breast, and successfully rescued the cautious cat.

That same night, the rescue team managed to save all four kittens and took them to the pet hospital for examination. 

close-up photo of a cat
Credit: Reddit

The vet concluded that the mother cat was seriously malnourished and needed immediate treatment for her injuries, while her kittens were healthy. 

Mama cat has done her best to nourish and raise her four babies. Now they’re all safe and sound.

scared kittens
Credit: Reddit

This may be the deepest form of love and a true proof of how strong a mother’s love can be. She would rather be beaten and harmed, but not let anything bad happen to her babies.

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