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Cat Crashes Her Own Memorial Service And Sparks A Surprising Reunion

Cat Crashes Her Own Memorial Service And Sparks A Surprising Reunion

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Cats are mischief-making experts, napping champions, and undeniable rulers of the internet (thanks to the countless funny videos). They bring joy and a touch of the unexpected into our lives. 

However, sometimes the unexpected takes a funny turn, as shown in the story shared on TikTok. It all started with a shocking realization – their beloved feline companion, Kitty, a 13-year-old with a talent for disappearing, was nowhere to be found.

Despite searching almost the entire night, they couldn’t find her anywhere. In the morning, they started to accept the fact that their cat might not return because of the risks that outdoor environments pose to pets without supervision.

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Credit: TikTok

To console their children, the Millers explained that their beloved pet was at the vet, battling old age and illness. Witnessing the heartbroken expressions on their kids’ faces, they made the difficult decision to hold a small yet dignified ceremony. 

Despite feeling heartbroken, they gathered and shared their favorite memories with Kitty. During the eulogy, the silence was suddenly broken by an unexpected noise – a meow, clearly coming from a cat. 

Mr. Miller excused himself and followed the sound to its origin – the garage. Once he got there and opened the door, Kitty bolted into her own funeral with her tail held high. 

It was as if she were a glamorous movie star, fashionably late to her own premiere, completely unaware of the drama she had caused.

Fortunately, the cat was perfectly fine, she was just being a little mischievous. However, it turned out that patience was the perfect solution. 

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Credit: TikTok

Spending an additional hour searching could have prevented the whole “funeral fiasco.” But you know what? The incident turned into a good joke and a good laugh is always welcome. 

It would be a good idea for the Millers to take a deep breath and patiently count to ten (or maybe even ten thousand) before making assumptions if Kitty disappears on her adventures again. 

With nine lives and a flair for the dramatic, who knows where Kitty might pop up next? If you’re looking for a good laugh and want to watch the video, feel free to check it out right here:

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