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Tiny Tabby Kitten Fights For Life After Being Frozen To A Trailer

Tiny Tabby Kitten Fights For Life After Being Frozen To A Trailer

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Unlike other kittens her age, Berry wasn’t nestled safely with her mother. Instead, she found herself in a terrifying situation on a cold morning in Commerce City, Colorado.

She was just five weeks old when a kind man named Michael Bud heard a small whimper and discovered Berry hanging off the side of one of the tires of the trailer.

kitten in towel
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Since the temperature was 7 degrees Fahrenheit, her tiny paws and tail were frozen solid to the cold metal. No one could tell how long she had been there, but Michael knew he needed to take immediate action.

Michael was well aware of the risks of extreme cold, so he proceeded cautiously instead of rushing to free her. He decided to crawl under the truck and gradually melt the ice with warm water to avoid any harm to Berry’s delicate skin.

After what felt like an eternity, Berry finally broke free after about 20 minutes. Despite feeling weak, she snuggled up in Michael’s arms.

He brought her to the Dumb Friends League, a local shelter that helps animals in need. Once there, despite being scared, Berry received a thorough examination from a veterinarian. As Dumb Friends League shared:

“Without hesitation, the gentleman climbed under the semi-trailer and gently warmed the kitten’s paws and tail by splashing warm water on the areas stuck to the tire.”

kitten and vets
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After examination, it turned out she had frostbite on her paws due to being stuck to a tire. Fortunately, apart from that, the kitten was in good health. DDFL continued:

“Frightened and freezing, the kitten, against all odds, appears to be healthy with limited injuries to her paws and tail.”

Berry stayed in a foster home until she turned 8 weeks old, but Michael always kept her in his thoughts. He was very interested in adopting her once she was fully recovered.

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Michael watched over her closely for months. Once she was finally ready, he officially adopted her, giving her a loving and forever home. DDFL stated:

“Without intervention from the compassionate stranger, it is unlikely this kitten would have survived the night.”

Berry no longer felt lonely because she found a new companion in Cheddar, the older cat from Bud’s family. They enjoy napping together and watching the world outside through the window.

ginger cat hugging kitten
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Now, Berry is content in a cozy and safe home where she is showered with love. She will never have to fear the cold or loneliness ever again.

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