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Grief-Stricken Mama Cat Hugs An Abandoned Kitten, While Tears Fill Her Eyes

Grief-Stricken Mama Cat Hugs An Abandoned Kitten, While Tears Fill Her Eyes

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On a faithful rainy night, a young couple rushed back to their car after enjoying a romantic date. Once the young man approached the car, he noticed something truly heartbreaking.

A black cat found refuge under his car, hiding from the heavy rain. The man tried calling her out, afraid to move his car.

However, the cat refused to move. It was almost like she was glued to the cold concrete. This poor black cat was almost lethargic, not reacting to any sound or movement around her. 

grieving mother cat
Credit: YouTube

The couple instantly phoned a local rescue organization, patiently waiting for the cat to make any movement. 

Once the rescue team arrived they tried to entice the cat with some food, however, she wasn’t interested. One of the rescuers almost crawled under the car to try and lure her out, and that’s when she discovered something soul-crushing. 

The poor cat gave birth to two stillborn kittens under the car and now refused to leave her poor babies. 

In the meantime, the vet who worked closely with the rescue organization was already on her way to the rescue site.

Credit: YouTube

Once she arrived, she urged the agents to take the cat out from under the car. She was worried there might be another kitten in her birth canal. If not treated immediately, it could be fatal for both the cat and the kitten. 

The rescuers placed a net all around the car, worried the cat might run out. However, once they scooped her up with a blanket, she was not resisting at all.

woman carryng a cat
Credit: YouTube

The poor soul was so grief-stricken that she barely moved…

They rushed the poor mama to the clinic and X-rayed her immediately. Luckily, her birth canal was clear, however, the vet discovered something shocking. 

The cat was most probably hit by a car, which left her with broken thighs that further led to a premature birth. 

cat on recovery
Credit: YouTube

The vet performed a surgery and fixed the poor cat’s broken bones. It was a challenging surgery for the vet, as she said in her video

“At the beginning of surgery, I was worried because it could be a delicate operation due to a lot of broken bone pieces. Though it took a long time, the results are good.”

While the poor mama cat was recovering from the surgery, the clinic staff decided to introduce an abandoned kitten to her. 

cats legs
Credit: YouTube

Since she lost her babies, they hoped this kitten would mend her heart a bit. However, little did they know just how emotional this would be for the cat. 

Once they placed the kitten in her crate, the cat immediately started licking the tiny newborn kitten. Seconds later, the cats’ eyes filled with tears! 

cat crying
Credit: YouTube

This sight completely moved me! The poor soul still felt the pain of losing her babies, and this tiny calico kitten brought all her emotions up.

Now, remember the young man who found the poor cat? Well, all this time he just couldn’t stop thinking about her. He was determined to heal her broken heart and provide her with a loving home. 

woman and man watching a cat
Credit: YouTube

The man came to the vet clinic to visit the cat, and everyone was thrilled to hear he was willing to adopt her. As he shared in the video:

“I believe in faith, that we are meant to be together. I want to take her home as soon as possible.”

The cat stayed in the clinic until she fully recovered, while her forever dad patiently waited for her. 

sad cat being carresed
Credit: YouTube

This story proved to me once more, just how emotional our feline companions truly are. Treat our feline friends with lots of love, because surely, they do understand it!

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