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Lost Kitten Expresses Gratitude By Showering A Cyclist With Kisses After Being Rescued

Lost Kitten Expresses Gratitude By Showering A Cyclist With Kisses After Being Rescued

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While cycling one morning, Viitor Fonseca stumbled upon a heartwrenching scene. He spotted a lost tabby kitten, completely alone and obviously without a family. 

He looked around to see if there were any other babies or a mother, but unfortunately, nobody was around.

Realizing that this tiny creature wouldn’t stand a chance on her own, he couldn’t bear to abandon her. The only problem? He didn’t have anything to carry the kitten in. 

However, Viitor came up with a clever solution. He gently tucked the shivering kitten inside his shirt, creating a warm and safe haven close to his skin.

Cyclist with kitten in his tshirt
Credit: Facebook

Surprisingly, the kitten loved this cozy arrangement! Viitor couldn’t help but feel overjoyed as he watched the kitten snuggle up to him.

The adorable little furball even expressed her affection by showering Viitor with sweet kisses on his neck. He couldn’t resist sharing this heartwarming video on Facebook.

For the next 6 miles, the kitten remained comfortably nestled in Viitor’s shirt. She was safe, playful, and clearly enjoying, as Viitor happily shared: 

“Saving a little life today, I’m glad that she liked me and was not clawing me.”

However, Viitor’s generosity didn’t stop there. He believed that the sweet kitten deserved a forever home filled with love. 

kitten with cyclist on bike
Credit: Facebook

Thankfully, he soon found the perfect family for the little tabby. Getting the kitten to safety and finding her a loving family made Viitor’s day!

Thanks to him, the little kitten now enjoys a wonderful life and feels secure. Undoubtedly, both Viitor and the lucky kitten will never forget this special adventure!

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