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Dancing Cat Greets Visitors At The Shelter, Hoping Someone Will Notice Him

Dancing Cat Greets Visitors At The Shelter, Hoping Someone Will Notice Him

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Have you ever seen a dancing cat? If your answer is no, get ready to see something incredibly adorable!

Meet Moxy, a 4-year-old tuxedo cat who has gained quite a reputation at Lollypop Farm, an animal rescue organization in Fairport, New York. 

When he first arrived at this New York shelter, nobody knew about the incredible talent he possessed. He was simply a handsome little kitty with a fluffy coat, famous for his mischievous nature. The Lollypop Farm team said:

“Moxy was brought to Lollypop Farm because he can get overstimulated easily, which sometimes causes him to play a little rough. Before he was surrendered, he spent most of his time chilling out by himself and bird watching. He loved to sneak some snuggles in here and there.”

Since coming to the shelter, Moxy has been residing in his own kitty condo, eagerly waiting for his forever home. 

With his witty and sweet personality, he quickly captured the hearts of everyone there, constantly seeking attention from everyone who walked by him.

His favorite activity was sitting by the glass window, waiting for someone to visit him. As soon as he noticed someone approaching, he would meow and demand attention.

The Lollypop Farm team said:

“When he decides he loves you, he really loves you. He likes to sit on laps and get sweet cheek rubs, explore (once he’s comfortable), chomp on cat grass, and stick his cute, little tongue out.”

Moxy turned out to be quite the attention seeker, and the best part is that he always gets what he wants.

The reason behind his success in receiving attention might be his remarkable dancing talent, which catches the eye of anyone passing by. Whenever he sees someone, he quickly gets up by the window and starts to dance.

He waves his paws up and down while swaying his body to the left and right. The more he wants something, the harder he bends to the side and the faster he waves.

Here’s an adorable video showcasing Moxy’s impressive dance skills:

Considering how much Moxy loves attention, whenever someone from the shelter calls his name, he comes running to them with his fluffy tail pointed up.

Moxy has adjusted to his new environment and shelter life, but he’s more than ready to find his fur-ever home. The team said:

“A nice window to watch the birdies from and a cat tree would make this little gentleman happy as a clam. We are looking for a ‘cat-savvy’ owner (who will understand his cattitude) to welcome him into their home.”

While he waits for his forever home, Moxy will patiently continue to demand attention, as he always has. He is a determined little kitty who gives his all when dancing and chatting with visitors, hoping that someone will finally notice him.

Let’s hope that this dashing tuxedo fellow finds the loving home he truly deserves.

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