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Feral Cat Blossoms Into A Beloved Pet Thanks To The Devoted Care Of His Foster Mom

Feral Cat Blossoms Into A Beloved Pet Thanks To The Devoted Care Of His Foster Mom

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The story you’re about to read is not your average rescue tale, but rather a silent testament to the transformative power love and compassion have in the feline world.

Not that long ago, thirteen feral felines had found themselves in quite a predicament. 

The elderly woman who used to provide them with food and shelter had to move to a care home. She left behind her thirteen furry friends all alone in the bitter cold, with temperatures dropping to minus 40 degrees.

Thanks to a diligent and watchful team at SOS Prairie Rescue, all of these kitties were successfully rescued and relocated to a much warmer and safer place.

a group of cats in the snow
Source: marciaseager

Among those rescued cats was a beautiful ginger tabby named Eeyore who was in desperate need of special care. He was extremely timid and skittish and appeared to have some type of eye infection.

Eeyore caught Marcia’s attention, a devoted and kind-hearted member of the rescue team. She wanted to do anything in her power to help him, so she brought him home and took him under her foster care.

two black cats and one yellow cat
Source: marciaseager

Eeyore proved to be quite a challenge! Marcia could hardly approach him without being hissed at. Any time she tried to interact, Eeyore would react aggressively and immediately retract to his hideout.  

All she could do was leave him his food and go away. As she explained:

“I would put my phone there, and he would only ever come out of his hut when I would leave. As soon as I would show any movement towards him, he would immediately hiss and swat.”

However, Marcia was not one to give up easily! She remained resolute in her determination to help him.

portrait of a cat lying in front of a cage
Source: marciaseager

Marcia’s goal was to make Eeyore familiar with her scent and presence. She was armed with an abundance of patience, determination, and love – very necessary qualities when one is attempting to tame a feral cat.

She shared some of her valuable strategies:

“I would wear two pairs of gloves, and I would just start to leave my hand there. I didn’t shake, I didn’t flinch, and I just showed him that my hand’s not going to leave, it’s not going to harm or take from you.”

Over time, Marcia’s efforts paid off. As his icy demeanor was beginning to melt, Eeyore slowly but surely grew to trust her

portrait of a cat with sparkling eyes
Source: marciaseager

It got to a point where she was able to touch him, and even occasionally pet him. 

She said:

“Some days, I’d just let him be. I tried to never overdo it.”

One time, as Marcia was scratching his chin, she noticed Eeyore’s teeth were severely decayed. 

cat with open mouth
Source: marciaseager

This revelation clarified it all for her: It wasn’t just that Eeyore was fearful, but also experiencing a great deal of pain!

She immediately started a fundraiser to cover the cost of his dental surgery. 

@marciaseager You even managed to spook the vet tech, but boy I love you Eeyore!! ♥️ #fyp #eeyore #cat #catsoftiktok #rescuecat #adoptdontshop #feralcat #vet ♬ Coffee – beabadoobee

Following the surgery, Eeyore underwent a remarkable transformation in his demeanor. He became more relaxed, friendly, and noticeably happier. He no longer hid or avoided eye contact, and he was content in Marcia’s presence, welcoming her touch.

But the biggest surprise was when he reached out for her, gently placing his little paw on her arm. 

the cat peeks out from under the white blanket
Source: marciaseager

To some, this gesture might have been small and insignificant, but not to Marcia. It was proof of Eeyore’s genuine appreciation and the strength of their bond. As Marcia put it:

“That was a really, really big step.”

Marcia spent 84 days fostering Eeyore. Even though she wanted to keep him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to give him the life he deserved.

a yellow kitten with an injured eye
Source: marciaseager

Fortunately, kind-hearted adopters approached her, offering to provide him with everything he needed and deserved.

And just like that, Eeyore got his forever home with his very own room and a rather luxurious life every feline would envy him for. He was finally at peace.

portrait of a yellow cat sitting next to bowls of food
Source: marciaseager

Eeyore’s journey from freezing temperatures to a loving home is nothing short of miraculous. It serves as a heartwarming reminder that with a little love and compassion, incredible transformations are possible for all creatures.

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