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Poor Mother Cat Hit By Speeding Car Brings Three Premature Kittens Into The World

Poor Mother Cat Hit By Speeding Car Brings Three Premature Kittens Into The World

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Recently, a kind passerby saw a tragic incident: A beautiful cat was hit by a speeding car while crossing the road. Heartbroken by the sight, he rushed to assist the motionless cat lying on the ground. 

He offered her some water, but she was unresponsive. His heart sank further when he noticed her broken jaw, but then something else caught his attention…

cat and premature kittens
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Believe it or not, the cat was pregnant and within minutes after the accident, she gave birth to three premature kittens. The man was even more shocked when the cat fell unconscious after delivering her babies. 

Concerned for her and her kittens’ health, the man quickly contacted a local rescue organization. Fortunately, they arrived immediately. 

The rescuers carefully placed the cat in a carrier and her kittens in a small, safe container, then rushed them to the vet, knowing that every minute was crucial for their survival.

The Kittens’ Health 

premature kittens
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At the clinic, the vet thoroughly examined the kittens, who were crying desperately for their mother. He confirmed they were born prematurely – tiny, weak, and not fully developed. 

Thankfully, aside from being underweight, the kittens were healthy. The vet advised that the rescuer could care for them at home. 

However, the gray kitten required special attention due to its fragility.

guy feeding premature kitten
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Back home, the rescuer set up a heating pad to keep the kittens warm and comfortable. He bottle-fed them kitten formula and later stimulated their bowel movements. 

He named the two ginger kittens Dash and Fizz, and the gray one Spirit. 

After settling them in for some sleep on the heating pad, he hurried back to the clinic to check on their mother.

The Mom’s Health

While the man cared for the kittens, the vet monitored their mother’s temperature and heart rate, and due to her critical condition, placed her on an oxygen mask.

Still unresponsive, they let her rest, hoping she would soon bounce back. 

vet helping a cat
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Once her condition stabilized, the vet conducted a thorough examination. He discovered a minor spinal injury and a broken jaw, which he was unable to treat due to a lack of the necessary equipment. 

He attributed the cat’s premature delivery to the stress of the car accident. To ensure no other kittens remained, an ultrasound was performed, which, thankfully, showed no signs of undelivered felines.

injured cat
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The vet prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and informed the rescuer, who was preparing to take her home, that she would not be able to walk or eat solid foods independently. 

Although disheartened by the news, the man was undeterred. Determined to aid her recovery, he took the cat home to her kittens, committed to following the vet’s advice.

Did They Get Their Happily Ever After?

mother cat and premature kittens
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The man took excellent care of the mother cat, feeding her soft food, administering painkillers, and keeping a vigilant eye on her condition. 

Once she showed signs of improvement, he reintroduced her to her kittens, and she immediately began grooming them. 

Despite her discomfort, the devoted mother prioritized her babies’ needs. It was truly a heartwarming sight to see.

cat with injured jaw
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After a few days, he took her back to the vet for a check-up. 

While pleased with her progress, the vet recommended separating her from her kittens to ensure her jaw could heal properly. Grooming them, he explained, might prevent full recovery. 

Reluctantly, the man agreed and placed the kittens under the care of another nurturing cat he fostered. He was determined to give their mother every chance to recover.

kid and injured cat
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His efforts were rewarded after a few weeks: The mother cat began walking and eating independently, displaying her warm, friendly personality. 

She became a beloved lap cat, adored by her rescuers, and fond of spending time with people, especially children. 

Most importantly, once fully recovered, she was joyfully reunited with her kittens. 

Unfortunately, Spirit, the gray kitten, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge too soon, but Dash and Fizz grew into happy, healthy cats delighted to see their mother again.

many cute kittens
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Though her jaw didn’t heal perfectly, the cat today lives without pain – which is all that matters, really. 

After all the hardships she endured, I’m thrilled that she and her furry family have achieved their well-deserved happy ending.

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