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List Of Cats Who Have Perfected Being Cats

List Of Cats Who Have Perfected Being Cats

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Are you a true cat lover who enjoys all sorts of cat plots? If your answer is yes, then I have something special for you!

We all know cats are typical and unique creatures, and we can’t fully understand them. However, here’s proof that every cat is the same!

Keep scrolling and enjoy these 13 pictures of cats who have perfected being cats. I’m sure you’ll have fun like I had.

1. Is this a joke to you, Karen?

Just cats being cats doing cat stuff

2. Someone got stuck today…

This idiot got himself stuck today.

3. A cat living her best life!

4. The artist and his art

Cats being cats

5. What a lovely gift!

Cat in a bag

6. What can I say, it’s a perfect napping spot… 

Cats are cute even when they are being little assholes

7. Catnip 1 – Olly 0

8. Peekaboo!

Cats being dramatic

9. What are you looking at, paw-sant? 

She’s a lady, you can tell

10. Unplanned murder… 

11. It’s cuddle time!!!

12. When a cat asks you for food VS when a dog asks you for food

Different Begging Styles: Puppy Dog Eyes vs. Death Glare

13. No one can bother me here…

My cat enjoying a Lion King moment on top of the medicine cabinet

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