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Stray Cat Desperately Waits In Front Of A Woman’s Door, Then Something Amazing Happens

Stray Cat Desperately Waits In Front Of A Woman’s Door, Then Something Amazing Happens

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Dumi, a gorgeous stray cat, spent his entire life on the streets trying his best to survive. After years of fighting with other stray cats and eating scraps, the poor boy desperately needed help.

cat walking
Credit: YouTube 

A fellow cat lover from the neighborhood took it upon herself to feed all these stray cats, providing them with at least one decent meal a day.

With his gorgeous gray and white coat, the woman immediately noticed Dumi. However, it took him weeks to finally feel safe enough to come close to the kind lady.

cat enjoying snuggles
Credit: YouTube 

From that day on, every time she came around to feed him, Dumi demanded some well-deserved cuddles.

To her surprise, the sweet boy decided to follow her one day straight to her apartment. Since she was already a cat mom, she couldn’t let Dumi in. Instead, she spent the next hour cuddling and playing with him on the stairs.

Little did she know, this sweet moment was about to determine both of their fates…

cat waitinf in front of the doors
Credit: YouTube 

The next day while she was at work, the woman received a notification from her doorbell camera. Confused, she opened the application, and what she saw brought tears to her eyes.

Dumi found his way to her apartment and patiently waited in front of the doors for her. After a while, he started meowing for attention, but sadly no one was home to come play with him. 

cat waiting in the hall
Credit: YouTube 

The woman realized she had to adopt him, but when she came home Dumi was not there anymore. She searched around the neighborhood for hours, however, Dumi was nowhere to be found.

cat on the stairs
Credit: YouTube 

Over the next few days, whenever she left for work, Dumi would come and wait in front of her door. Determined to adopt him, she even left out a cat bed and some treats hoping he would stay there until she returned from work. 

As luck would have it, one day while she was at home, Dumi came and started meowing at the door once again. 

a cat being bathed
Credit: YouTube 

She rushed outside to greet the sweet boy and immediately brought him inside. His new mom made a special cozy spot for him, separating him from her indoor cats until they visit the vet. 

cat with collar recovering
Credit: YouTube 

Luckily the sweet boy was healthy, however, some of his older wounds needed treatment. He was officially ready to join the rest of his indoor family!

Dumi adjusted to his new home in a matter of days and his forever mom was more than happy about adopting him!

cat lying on her bed
Credit: YouTube 

Dumi turned out to be a real cuddle bug, and he couldn’t get enough of his cozy bed and the endless toys his mom bought him.

This sweet cat found a unique way to get himself adopted, and honestly, who could say ‘no’ to him? I sure know I couldn’t!

a cat with baby sip
Credit: YouTube 

I wish Dumi many happy years with his loving mom and I’m glad he will never have to face the harsh streets again!

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