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James And His Cat Felix Drink Coffee Together Every Morning

James And His Cat Felix Drink Coffee Together Every Morning

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Does your kitty have a certain routine? I’m sure it does. When you create a certain routine for them, don’t you dare try to change it! 

Me and my kitties get along very well and enjoy each other’s company, but each one has its own routine. 

In the morning, two of my cats like to sleep and relax in a sunny spot, after paw-tying all night, whereas others like to exercise in the morning. My loyal Tom, however, never leaves my side. He snuggles in my lap while I’m drinking coffee.

Well, it looks like I’m not the only one drinking coffee with a furry friend. Felix and his owner, James, also have a very special connection. James is a 30-year-old architect, who is also a dedicated and responsible cat parent to two rescued cats.

He was always a cat lover, but he never really had a chance to own or live with cats. When he bought and moved into a new apartment, his wish finally came true. He went to the rescue center to get himself a pair of furry friends, and that’s how their story began.

Felix and Milo are brothers, but James says:

 “I just can’t believe how different they are. They’re both loving and friendly but in different ways. Felix will always come to you and ask for affection, while Milo will rarely come to you. He’s always somewhere around the apartment enjoying himself. But when you find him, he expects endless cuddles from you.”

“Felix is the one that keeps me company most of the time. I get up early in the morning, around 6.30, feed my cats, and then drink coffee. Every morning, after they eat, Milo goes back to sleep, while Felix stays with me,” James continued.

What amazed James most wasn’t the cat’s company, but the fact that Felix even joined him in drinking coffee.

cat drinking water from glass

“One morning, he was lying in my lap, and all of a sudden he got up and jumped on the table where coffee was. I was surprised because he has never done such a thing before. He sniffed my coffee, and then he sniffed my glass of water. Finally, he started drinking water from my glass. I was pretty shocked.” 

My Tom keeps me company while I drink coffee, but it looks like Felix took things to the next level. It seems like he didn’t want his owner to drink coffee by himself, so he decided to drink some water from his glass to better keep him company.

“I’m not sure whether he did that just because he was thirsty or because he wanted to participate in coffee time with me. But, since that morning, he continued drinking water from my glass, so now my coffee buddy has his own!”

This morning coffee became a part of their routine and James says that there’s no better way to start a day!

This is very cute, and I was very happy when I heard this lovely story of James and Felix. This actually gave me an idea; tomorrow morning, I’ll try to give my cat water from a glass, and who knows, maybe Tom will become my coffee buddy too.

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