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Cat Fakes He’s Starving To Score Free Food But Watch What His Owner Does

Cat Fakes He’s Starving To Score Free Food But Watch What His Owner Does

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Our feline friends are the masters of sneakiness, always finding clever ways to get what they desire. But, this ginger feline named Dynamo takes sneakiness to a whole new level!

You see, Dynamo had a little trick up his furry sleeve. He roamed the neighborhood, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance of a starving kitty in desperate need of food. 

And boy, did it work! People couldn’t resist his act and kept feeding him.

When his human parent found out about his sneaky escapades, she decided to put an end to it. 

She created a poster with Dynamo’s photo, begging people to stop falling for his act.

Besides his regular meals at home, Dynamo was enjoying several gourmet meals on the streets. Such a food-obsessed kitty!

flyer of sneaky cat called dynamo

The poster read:

“Dynamo lives in Henrietta St and is a furry con artist, who will pretend he is starving. When he lives a life of unfettered indulgence. We are talking artisan gourmet steamed meats three times a day, plus various treats like poached salmon.”

Below his adorable mugshot, she added:

“He is friendly but wary! So, if he lets you pet him, then you are very privileged. But please don’t feed him, as the vet says he’s becoming a lard arse! Don’t worry if he stares at you dismissively like a disappointed parent. That’s just his thing!”

One of the neighbors saw the poster, snapped a photo of it, and posted it online. And, as it often happens in the age of the internet, Dynamo became an overnight sensation. His post received more than 134,000 likes!

Dynamo’s owners found out he was more popular than they could have ever imagined.

One woman wrote:

“He’s always wandering around, and he likes to follow us up the street quite often and talk to him, he is a good listener.”

Another person humorously commented:

“No more Kievs for Dynamo then.”

Whether Dynamo will stop haunting people for treats or not remains a mystery. But one thing is certain – he loves snacks so much that he doesn’t care who gives them to him!

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