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Kitty Finds Her Favorite Person In A Mailman And Eagerly Awaits His Arrival Every Day

Kitty Finds Her Favorite Person In A Mailman And Eagerly Awaits His Arrival Every Day

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We’re all pretty accustomed to hearing stories about dogs chasing after mailmen. However, did you know that this protective practice was not strictly a canine trait? Our feline companions are familiar with this act of service, too! 

If you’re finding this hard to believe, then you absolutely have to dive into this story!

kitten outdoor waiting fro mailman
Credit: Levi Davis

When Levi Davis worked as a postal worker, he enjoyed his job. That was partly because it was adventurous but also because it allowed him to meet all the adorable pets of the folks he delivered mail to. 

However, his absolute favorite furry companion was an adorable tortoiseshell kitty with whom he shared quite an interesting bond.

Believe it or not, this kitty patiently anticipated Levi’s arrival every single day. Any time she would see him, she would spring into action! She came sprinting down the street, proceeding to follow him around. 

kitten standing outdoor nex to the mailbox
Credit: Levi Davis

The first time this happened, Levi wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It’s not an everyday occurrence to have an unfamiliar feline racing in your direction. 

However, he quickly realized there was nothing to be concerned about. To his surprise, the kitty proved to be very friendly and just had one simple demand – to receive some attention! 

Little did Levi know that this would become their little tradition. 

kitty on the wooden piece
Credit: Levi Davis

No matter the weather or the day of the week, his new feline friend showed up without fail, accompanying him on his mail delivery route

Every day, she came bounding toward him, ready to jump right into his carry basket and be promptly petted.

mailman carresing the kitten
Credit: Levi Davis

Levi couldn’t help but share a video of his new friend on his Facebook profile. He captioned it:

“My little buddy. Every day I do the mail run this cat comes to see me lol… Regardless of the weather.” 

People in the comment section adored his video! They even compared him to Postman Pat, the famous British stop-motion animated television series for children, with one person wittily commenting: 

“Postman Pat and his multi coloured cat.” 

What an analogy! And what a heartwarming story. If you’re loving it as much as I do, make sure to check out the video for the full experience:

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