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Poor Cat Gets Her Paws Stuck In A Moving Escalator Leaving Onlookers In Tears

Poor Cat Gets Her Paws Stuck In A Moving Escalator Leaving Onlookers In Tears

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One of my biggest fears has always been getting my leg stuck in a moving escalator. When I was younger, I avoided it and almost always opted for the regular staircase instead.

Now, older and perhaps a bit wiser, I’ve grown somewhat braver, though the fear of my leg getting caught by the escalator still lingers.

Imagine my shock when I recently stumbled upon a video depicting my worst nightmare – a beloved feline friend getting hurt on an escalator. It was like seeing my two greatest fears collide!

cat stuck in a moving escalator
Credit: YouTube

The other day, as I was scrolling through YouTube minding my own business, that distressing video immediately caught my attention.

The poor kitty, her tiny paws tragically stuck in a moving escalator, was frantically looking around in pure terror. 

A couple of onlookers gathered around her, some filming the ordeal, others trying to help. All the while the cat desperately waited to be freed. 

poor cat stucked
Credit: YouTube

Determined to help, one kind woman took what appeared to be a ripped T-shirt intending to wrap it around the frightened cat, who hissed in anger and fear.

She, along with several others, worked diligently to free the kitty. They used the T-shirt and an old cloth to carefully shield the cat’s injured paws, gently wiggling her free. 

The moment she realized her paws were no longer trapped, the cat bolted away from her rescuers.

People in the comment section of this YouTube shorts were deeply moved by the unfortunate situation the poor cat found herself in. One viewer commented:

“Poor thing you can tell how scared it is. I hope its paws are ok”

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t disclose what happened to the cat afterward. If she was a stray, she likely ran off to her favorite hiding spot to lick her paws until they somewhat healed.

Or, if she was someone’s pet who accidentally wandered into that supermarket, she probably made her way back home, where her worried owners awaited her return. I’m sure they would have taken her to the vet to check her paws.

Whatever the case, I just hope she’s okay now!

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