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Cat Gives His New Mom Countless Kisses To Say ‘Thank You For Saving My Life’

Cat Gives His New Mom Countless Kisses To Say ‘Thank You For Saving My Life’

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Some people may not like cats, as they consider them independent creatures who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Well, this adorable cream-white feline named Honeycake will change your perception.

After getting adopted by his new human, Honeycake couldn’t contain his gratitude, showering his new owner with kisses. Yet, their heartwarming journey traces back to the Michigan Cat Rescue.

Honeycake and his siblings had faced a cruel abandonment by their previous owner, who heartlessly placed them in a bag and flung them from a moving car. 

Thankfully, all three kittens were rescued by the compassionate team at the Michigan Cat Rescue. Though they arrived injured and emotionally scarred, the rescue worked tirelessly to mend their physical and emotional wounds.

What’s even better is that their hearts didn’t wait long for repair, either. When Honeycake arrived at the rescue, he immediately stole the heart of a nurse named Renee Pelton. She recalled:

“I went on Facebook and saw this video of Finnegan from the Michigan Cat Rescue, and at that moment I said, ‘I want that cat.’”

Pelton gave him a new name as a symbol of a new fresh start – Finnegan – and as soon as she picked him up, he started kissing her, thanking her for giving him a chance. Pelton was smitten by Finnegan’s lovely personality:

“He likes to give kisses, loves hugs, loves to be held like a baby. I’ve never had a cat like him.”

Finnegan may be the loveliest kitty, but unfortunately, his health isn’t the brightest. Due to heart troubles, precisely, a heart murmur, he may live a shorter life than most cats.

After discovering the bad news, Pelton was heartbroken. Still, she remained determined to provide Finnegan with the best treatments and the best years of life possible. She said:

“He’s not going to be a cat that lives to be 21 years old. We have to take him every year, and he’ll be on medication and might die of heart failure. He could live 10 years.”

Finnegan’s siblings, Cookie Pie and Custard Pie, also share this condition, but they hope they’ll soon find someone like Pelton, who will offer them love and help them with necessary treatments.

On the other hand, Finnegan has already gotten his second chance and can’t stop kissing and thanking his new mom for adopting him. 

He’s happy for having Pelton in his life, but has no intention of being her patient. Instead, he wants to be her best friend and show her how great a companion he is. Pelton realized that as soon as she laid her eyes on him. She said:

“I’m not taking care of him, he’s taking care of me.”

While we hope for an improvement in Finnegan’s health, there’s no doubt that he will experience the best years of his life, all thanks to Renee Pelton, who granted him a fresh start filled with love and companionship.

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