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Man Shocked After Discovering His Cat’s Incredible Talent

Man Shocked After Discovering His Cat’s Incredible Talent

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There are many talented cats out there, but this sweet tuxedo cat named Keys is one of a kind. 

Keys, also called the Goal Kitty, has an interesting talent that makes her family and everyone who comes across her laugh. 

Here’s the story about her and her entertaining talent!

Her owner, Peter Mares from California, had no idea that the cat possessed any type of talent. Not until one day, he discovered her talent by accident. Wait, it gets better!

One morning, Peter noticed Keys quickly tossing her paws up in the air as if she were stretching. The cat looked hilarious, so he grabbed the camera to capture the moment.

He thought she did that accidentally, but then, she did it again the next day. So, he started rewarding her with her favorite treat anytime she did these “goal hands.” He said:

“She has come to recognize the camera, and does these ‘goal hands’ whenever she sees it.”

What’s even better is that she learned the magic words for her trick. When Peter says the magic words “I know what you want,” Keys becomes excited, and she quickly throws her paws up in her goal position. He said:

“Every time I pop out my camera and say the magic (phrase), she poses.”

Keys’ photos quickly became viral on the Internet, and many people started to photoshop her funny pose into different scenes, which helped her become even more famous than before.

Thanks to her hilarious talent, she makes over 117K Instagram followers smile every single day! Cats are remarkable, aren’t they? 

If you liked this hilarious kitty, make sure you follow her on Instagram for more hilarious photos!

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