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Denver Thrift Store Worker Discovers Hidden Treasure Inside A Donated Recliner

Denver Thrift Store Worker Discovers Hidden Treasure Inside A Donated Recliner

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A heartwarming story unfolded when a generous family from Colorado decided to relocate and, with kindness in their hearts, donated their comfy recliner to a thrift store in Denver. 

Little did they know that their cherished feline companion, Montequlla, had decided to embark on an unexpected adventure and had nestled inside the recliner.

Montequlla’s owners were beyond devastated! They searched high and low for their beloved ginger, but he was nowhere to be found.

In a fortunate turn of events, a compassionate thrift store worker at the Denver Arc Store stumbled upon the trapped feline and promptly reached out to the Denver Animal Protection Shelter

They explained the situation, revealing that the family who had donated the recliner was in the midst of a hectic move and likely had no idea that their cherished pet was hidden within the chair.

Jenna Humphreys, the dedicated officer of Denver Animal Protection, recounted the discovery: 

“Sure enough, there’s a recliner out front, and there’s a little orange tabby stuck inside. Very friendly, but couldn’t get out. They [store staff] said that they had noticed the meowing shortly after somebody had dropped it off.”

With patience and a little coaxing, Jenna and her compassionate co-workers managed to free Montequlla. What truly saved the day was the tiny microchip that linked the cat to his owners.

Little did Jenna know that Montequlla’s owners had been in a state of sheer worry and panic, diligently searching for their beloved furry friend. 

Unbeknownst to them, their precious cat had chosen the recliner as his temporary hideaway, one they had just donated to the thrift store.

However, the family’s distress soon turned into relief when they realized their furry companion was not inside or around their home. 

They put two and two together and returned to the thrift store, where the thoughtful workers connected them with Denver Animal Protection. Don’t you just adore a heartwarming and happy ending?

Jenna seized this unexpected event, which fortunately concluded joyously, as an opportunity to remind all cat owners to keep a watchful eye on their feline friends during stressful periods like moving. She shared: 

“Oftentimes, when we have a stressful event like that, we know that animals can seek hiding spots. So, this one just happened to pick the recliner that they were going to donate to Arc. It’s not uncommon for us to be called to help remove animals from those situations, but this was a new one.”

The reunion between Montequlla and his family was nothing short of pure joy. Suffice it to say, the family was beyond happy.

Their heartwarming reunion serves as a touching reminder of the unbreakable bonds that exist between felines and their human families. 

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