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Texas Woman Shocked To Discover That Her Cat Leads A Secret Life With Another Family

Texas Woman Shocked To Discover That Her Cat Leads A Secret Life With Another Family

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Our feline friends never cease to amaze us with their hilarious antics and mysterious behaviors. Sometimes, we’re not sure whether we should be mad at them or not.

This dilemma struck a Texas family a few years after they unexpectedly welcomed a black stray cat named Papa Legba into their lives. What began as a random encounter turned into a heartwarming tale of feline escapades.

It all started one day when the family came home to a furry surprise. They saw a random cat peacefully sleeping on their sofa. As the cat kept returning to their home, they decided to officially adopt him. 

Recognizing the hardships Papa Legba faced as a stray, his newfound family was determined to provide him with a safe and comfortable indoor life. 

However, Papa Legba had other plans. With a spirit as adventurous as his, he always found a way to slip out and explore the neighborhood.

black cat on a roof
Source: Crystal Robert

Despite their efforts to keep him indoors, Papa Legba’s family realized his happiness lay in his outdoor adventures. Remarkably, he always returned home promptly when called or tempted with his favorite treats.

Crystal Robert, the cat’s human mom, describes how much he loves going on his outdoor adventures: 

“When he sneaks out (we do make an effort to keep him in), he seems to run in the same direction, as if he has someplace to go.”

Crystal started assuming that Papa Legba might have a second family somewhere in the neighborhood, which is why he always sneaks and ventures in the same direction.

Just when she thought she was wrong, the same day, Papa Legba returned home wearing a sweater, confirming her assumptions.

cat with blue sweater
Source: Crystal Robert

However, what surprised Crystal even more was the fact someone managed to put a sweater on Papa Legba. She said:

“I can’t believe his second family got him to wear a sweater. He likes to be held and cuddled, but he hates collars and being brushed. He only likes contact on his own terms… How did they get him to wear a sweater?! Strangely, he seems to like it. He seems more docile, or maybe just embarrassed.”

Yet, the surprises didn’t end there. Papa Legba continued to return home adorned in various outfits, including a festive pink sweater and a T-shirt proclaiming him “Born to be awesome.” Clearly, someone out there cherished this furry wanderer.

This isn’t the first case of our sneaky outdoor felines having double lives, but it sure shocks when you find out. 

I’ll never forget when my friend’s cousin had an orange tabby feline who disappeared every winter only to return in May. Weird, isn’t it? 

Well, three years later, the friend’s family finally figured out their cat had a second family who would spend winters in Florida and would take the cat with them, lol. 

Hilarious, but devastating at the same time. I’m not sure how I would react if my cat cheated on me like this. But, Crystal knew. 

cat with Christmas sweater
Source: Crystal Robert

She was more than sure that Papa Legba had his sweater-loving family somewhere out there, but she kept wondering how his other family didn’t assume anything.

Determined to unravel the mystery of Papa Legba’s secret family, Crystal embarked on a neighborhood quest, armed with baked goods and curiosity. 

However, she didn’t learn much. No one knew anything about the sweaters or the cat. After visiting every house in the neighborhood, Crystal said: 

“I have narrowed it down to two houses. I am making my way to those houses on my rounds with baked goods in the hope of information. I haven’t met his other family yet, but I hope we can continue to ‘share’ custody.”

Unfortunately, the other family hasn’t come out yet, so Papa Legba’s sweater case is still a mystery. 

His family would prefer he stayed home, but considering how much he likes venturing outside, they’re happy to know someone’s looking after him out there. 

black cat walking around
Source: Crystal Robert

Crystal hopes she’ll find this sweater-loving family so that she can at least thank them for the sweaters. She added:

“I hope people can keep their pets at home, inside. They are our family, and they are safest when with their owners, but if you have a wily cat like ours, I hope you are blessed with generous and lovely neighbors like mine.”

Whether Papa Legba’s second family is ever revealed or not, one thing remains certain: both families will continue showering him with love and care, ensuring he enjoys the best of both worlds. 

After all, every feline deserves a little mystery and a lot of love.

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