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Heartbroken Cat Who Lost His Owner Waits Over 500 Days In Maryland Shelter But No One Comes

Heartbroken Cat Who Lost His Owner Waits Over 500 Days In Maryland Shelter But No One Comes

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This sweet orange kitty was waiting for over 500 days in the shelter to find a forever home. He became so stressed that he tried his hardest to get people to notice him. Did he succeed? Let’s find out.

The ginger boy named Cary Grant had a beautiful life until, one day, his owner passed away in her 90s. 

owner petting the cat

From that day, Cary was depressed, confused, and lost, especially when he first arrived at Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland.

Kind-hearted people took him to the shelter to comfort him, hoping he’d get a second chance in life.

cat in the shelter

Initially, Cary was very shy. However, thanks to kind-hearted people who helped him gain confidence, he slowly came out of his shell and revealed his true personality. Alley Cat Rescue shared:

“He has been with us, waiting for an adopter for a long time.”

black and orange cat sitting

Cary turned out to be an attention seeker. He would constantly show affection to his carers and would seek head scratches in return.

cat sitting on cat chair

Besides making friends with new humans, Cary immediately felt comfortable in the company of other cats. That was one of the most positive things because his feline friends helped Cary learn to be brave and how to play with toys.

owner and cat playing

Being in the company of other felines has helped Cary become an adventurous and playful kitty. The rescue said:

“He’s got a gentle personality and does enjoy playing with toys.”

cat and owners hand

While Cary was getting better in the shelter, deep down he carved a new home and a family to love. He patiently waited for his dream to come true. However, month after month, it has been over 500 days since he arrived at the shelter. The shelter said:

“His photos and videos on social media always get lots of attention because he is such an adorable guy, yet very few people have inquired about him.”

cat and her food in plate

Since Cary learned how to give affection and seek attention, he tried his hardest to get people to notice him when they visited the shelter. But, apparently, he’ll have to practice more.

cat sniffing owners finger

Still, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that good things are worth waiting for. So, even though Cary still hasn’t found what he’s dreaming of, I’m sure he soon will.

cat laying down

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