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This Adorable Hairless Cat Adores Bath Time And Even Has Her Own Shower Cap

This Adorable Hairless Cat Adores Bath Time And Even Has Her Own Shower Cap

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We all know very well that cats hate water. They hate bath time, they even avoid small puddles in the street. 

However, there is an exception to every rule in this world. In today’s story, I’ll tell you about Kiri, a Sphynx cat who seems to be in love with bath time.

cat in bathroom
Credit: TikTok

Her dad Ren Maxwell, a Florida resident, recently posted a video of Kiri on TikTok that took the internet by storm. 

Ren loves sharing his feline friends with the rest of the cat community online. He posts adorable cat videos regularly, and everyone seems to be in love with his amazing feline family.

cat in bathtube
Credit: TikTok

However, this particular video of Kiri earned him ‘internet fame’ with more than 2 million views. You might be wondering what’s so special about this particular video.

Well as I’ve already said, witnessing a cat who enjoys water and bath time is not something you see every day. In addition, Ren made a custom shower cap for Kiri to protect her ears. 

cat with shower cap
Credit: TikTok

Since Sphynx cats are hairless, all the fluff that usually protects their ears from water needs to be replaced in a way. With this being said, Ren had a genius idea and made a shower cap for Kiri and her sister Neytiri, also a Sphynx cat.

cat with shower cap in bathtube
Credit: TikTok

In the video, Kiri was having the time of her life. With her adorable shower cap, she was enjoying treats while her dad gently massaged her. However, once the bath time was over, Kiri refused to get out.

hairless cat taking a bath
Credit: TikTok

Ren tried to lure her out calling her to jump on the towel. Eventually, she jumped out, but once he took her shower cap off, adorable Kiri jumped right back into the tub! Take a look at Kiri and her adorable shower cap!

Although cats don’t require regular bath time, Sphynx cats do! Since they are hairless, all the oil build-up is not getting absorbed. This means they need a bath now and then to avoid having acne or other skin issues. 

kitten standing in bathtube
Credit: TikTok

Luckily for Kiri, this means she will enjoy many baths in the future and I sure hope Ren keeps posting these adorable videos. 

Make sure to follow him over on TikTok so you don’t miss out on his adorable feline family!

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