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This Kitty Is Fascinated With The Box Of Strawberries

This Kitty Is Fascinated With The Box Of Strawberries

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Most cats have unusual favorite sleeping spots, but I have never seen a cat sleeping on a box of strawberries, not until now.

It all started one day when Carly Cox returned home from the store. Just like most cats, her furbaby Remus was interested in her groceries, but this time something was different.

Carly noticed that Remus was captivated by the box of delicious strawberries the moment he saw it.

cat with strawberries

However, what was fascinating the most was that he didn’t want to eat the strawberries; instead, he just wanted to rest his head on the box and relax.

Initially, Carly was concerned because she wasn’t sure if strawberries were safe for cats.

After consulting with her sister, who happens to be a vet, she discovered that it was perfectly safe for Remus to play with the box.

cat laying in cat tunnel

When his human mom returned the box to him, Remus was overjoyed. Still, he wasn’t interested in eating the strawberries; he was fascinated by that specific box, and playing with the strawberries.

From that day on, strawberries became his obsession, and he had no interest in any other cat toy. During the day, he would play with the strawberries and rub against them. But at the end of the day, he would snuggle up next to them and have sweet dreams.

cat laying on strawberries

So, what is it about strawberries that makes Remus so crazy for them? No one knows, but one thing is for sure – Remus isn’t the only feline friend with a strawberry obsession. 

Joann Rademacher wrote:

“My cats love strawberries. Won’t eat them… But they rub on them all the time!”

Bonnie Jean Frederick wrote:

“Yep, my cat is wild about strawberries too. I couldn’t figure out what made her so goofy around them. She’s also bonker for cloves, oregano, and nutmeg. I don’t let her have any of those things to eat, but when she smells them, she turns crazy.”

Kimberly Asselin wrote:

“My cat does the same thing; it’s gotta be the scent from the strawberries that makes them do that.”

cat protecting the strawberry

Some people believe that strawberries and catnip are distant relatives, which might explain cats’ obsession with strawberries and why they go crazy after sniffing them. 

Strawberries and mint plants apparently share a chemical profile similar to nepetalactol, the attractant found in catnip.

Whatever the reason is, Remus truly made me laugh today. Do your cats like strawberries? Let me know in the comments!

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