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This Cat Outsmarts Firefighters During A Rescue Attempt In Florida

This Cat Outsmarts Firefighters During A Rescue Attempt In Florida

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Firefighters are know for their amazing efforts in saving our feline friends. Wether our feline companions are stuck on a tree or on the roof, you can count on firefighters for help.

However, what happened to the firefighters from todays story will definitely leave you laughing out loud, so buckle up for this amazing story!

This rescue mission took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were passerby noticed a cat trapped on a highway bridge. The local rescue services were informed and shortly after, the whole mission was live on TV!

firefighters in a rescue mission
Credit: YouTube

This poor soul was sitting high above the water, and one wrong move would make her fall 50 feet down.

Luckily, the amazing firefighting team from Fort Lauderdale was on their way. They immediately rushed to the scene with a crane waiting for them.

Two of the firefighters instantly jumped out onto the crane, ready to help the poor cat in need.

Slowly, they approached this adorable cat, but she was still was out of their reach. Although they had a net ready in one hand to catch her, these amazing rescuers didn’t want to make a single mistake.

firefighters rescuing cat
Credit: YouTube

While they were instructing their colleagues were to move the crane, the cat was still peacefully sitting almost as if she was enjoying all this attention. 

Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the firefighters came close enough to catch the poor cat in need! However, once the firefighter reached out to catch her, the cat took one look at him and bolted!

firefighters catching a cat on seaside
Credit: YouTube

She jumped high up on the bridge and ran across the highway! These sneaky little fuzzball didn’t need a rescue in the first place! She was enjoying the sun and the sound of the water beneath her!

cat struggling
Credit: YouTube

Everyone at the site was shocked! The firefighters couldn’t help but laugh, however, they were happy the cat was safe!

This amazing rescue definitely made me smile, and although their efforts were not needed, I’m grateful for the amazing team involved in the rescue!

cat trapped on bridge
Credit: YouTube

It’s good to know we can count on our firefighters whenever our feline companions need it!

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