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This Cat Politely Asks To Get Petted

This Cat Politely Asks To Get Petted

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Each and every cat has a different personality; as a parent to 7 cats, I can definitely confirm that.

Half of my cats are very gentle and easy-going, while the other half behaves like there’s a little devil inside of them. 

If you look at this video here, you’ll actually see proof that some cats are very nice. 

This tuxedo cat politely asks its owner to get petted, and then patiently waits for a response.

Most people link certain personality traits to a cat’s coat color, and I agree with most of them. 

When it comes to tuxedo cats, like the one in the video, some people describe them as very energetic and lovely cats, while others claim that they have the most cattitude of all cats.

Cat politely asking to get petted

Well, if that’s true, then I think this tuxedo cat from the video is an exception. I mean, have you ever seen such a polite and patient cat? I know I haven’t. 

The cat is obviously extremely happy when its owner finally starts petting it. Its face basically says: “Yes, I deserve this.”

This is an adorable video that also shows the level of trust between the owner and her cat, as well as their strong bond. 

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