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Fearless ‘Street Cat’ Protects His Territory As A Coyote Intrudes Into His Family’s Backyard

Fearless ‘Street Cat’ Protects His Territory As A Coyote Intrudes Into His Family’s Backyard

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Sunny, a handsome cat with a fancy tuxedo pattern, is not your typical pet. Even though cats can be very skittish, this brave kitty is not afraid when it comes to keeping his family and his home in Phoenix, Arizona safe.

Imagine him as a little captain of the neighborhood watch, always keeping a close eye on his territory. 

Sunny used to be a stray kitten, wandering the streets and learning how to survive. But now, he’s living a life full of love with the Koeller family. Even though he’s spoiled with affection, he still has his street cat instincts.

brave cat outdoor
Credit: Twitter

During one of his late-night patrols, he faced a situation that really showed off his courage. A coyote, a potential danger to cats, dogs, and even farm animals, had the audacity to wander into Sunny’s yard, can you imagine?

Coyotes are native to North America and can live in different places like forests, deserts, and plains. 

Even though they eat different kinds of small animals, sadly, cats can also become food for them. However, Sunny didn’t give up when a coyote came into his territory.

coyote on cats teritory
Credit: YouTube

He was searching for a tasty snack at 2 a.m., which was nothing out of the ordinary for this cat. However, this time, his hunt was interrupted by an unexpected visitor – a coyote. Sunny was not happy about this at all. 

The family’s security camera caught the whole thing on tape, showing how Sunny fearlessly confronted the coyote.

In the video, you can see a skinny coyote entering the scene, followed by a quick blur of black and white – Sunny jumping in to surprise the coyote from behind. It almost looks like he managed to give the coyote a good swipe on the tail!

cat defending teritory
Credit: YouTube

Surprised and scared by the fierce cat, the coyote quickly ran away through the bushes with Sunny right behind him. 

This brave cat successfully scared away the intruder, but the coyote responded with a series of barks from somewhere out of sight.

However, he was not afraid of the coyote’s loud noises, so he stayed in place for a few moments. Finally, in the end, Sunny confidently walks away from the camera, ready for his next exciting journey.

Even though he’s now a grown-up cat of five years, he likes to keep watch and check out what’s going on around him. 

camera recording cat defending teritory
Credit: YouTube

He’s also a great hunter, always on the lookout for his next target. However, after watching the video, Kelli couldn’t believe her eyes. As she shared for FOX 10 Phoenix:

“I did not expect to ever see that on camera. I suspected he does that on his own time or whatever, but I just did not expect to see it. And it was amazing to see”.

Isn’t it awesome? I mean, that coyote didn’t have a chance, right? Let’s be real, with Sunny’s unexpected attack and his strong determination, that coyote probably never expected it!

And if you want to witness how Sunny scared off the coyote, go ahead and check out this video!

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