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You Won’t Believe What This Kind Homeless Man Does With The Money He Earns From Selling Limes

You Won’t Believe What This Kind Homeless Man Does With The Money He Earns From Selling Limes

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Amidst the noisy city streets, there’s a silent community of stray cats. Facing a daily struggle for survival, they are often overlooked and neglected.

With no home to call their own, they rely on the generosity of kind souls to extend a helping hand and fill their empty bellies.

One such soul is a man named Loong Dum. You see, Dum is not a man of comfort or ease. Instead, he is a homeless guy struggling with another mouth to feed.

homeless man
Source: YouTube

It isn’t his own mouth that Dum worries about. Instead, he devotes himself to selling limes to feed stray felines wandering through the alleys he lives in.

With his appearance weathered by life on the streets, people often pass by Dum. Yet, behind that rugged surface, there’s a treasure far greater than any material wealth — a heart that beats for stray cats.

homeless man standing
Source: YouTube

With each lime he sells, Dum provides food for his fury friends, forgotten and forsaken, just like he is. He even sacrifices his own meals so that the cats would not be hungry, sharing:

“I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cat needs to eat.”

homeless man feeding cats
Source: YouTube

Day after day, Dum heads to the bridge over the station he calls home. He carries a sign with a written note about his lime trade for cat food, hoping to collect enough to feed the furry companions that rely on him.

To Dum, these cats are not just strays. They are his family, his responsibility.


guy selling limes
Source: YouTube

One day, a young woman named Warunya Wattanasupachoke noticed Dum. Watching him walk around with his sign, she didn’t see just another homeless guy. What this woman saw was his kind heart.

As she approached to buy some limes, she discovered that he gets his supply from a generous man free of charge. Describing Dum as “polite and friendly”, she shared:

“We shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance. Take Loong Dum for example. Though he is homeless and rugged-looking, he has a big heart.”

homeless guy kissing a cat
Source: YouTube

Moved by his humility, Warunya refused to let Dum’s story remain untold. She made sure it got its deserved attention by sharing it on social media, and her post went viral.

As word about Dum and his furry friends spread, people started offering support, donating cat food or buying limes. Oh, what a joy he would feel upon getting a bag of Whiskas!

homeless guy and cats food
Source: YouTube

Some people would also bring supplies for Dum’s needs, not out of pity, but out of admiration for his good deeds. Some even took him to get a haircut and brand-new clothes.

homeless guy and barber
Source: YouTube

Despite his newfound fame and the donations pouring in, Dum has remained true to his furry companions, who, after all, rely on him and that’s what truly matters.

two cats eating
Source: YouTube

How often do we hear about a homeless person being so kind-hearted toward cats? 

Dum’s story reminds us that compassion exists in the most unexpected places, and you can’t help but wonder — what did we do to help stray cats today?

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