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This Adorable Cat Will Stay A ‘Forever Kitten’ And The Reason Will Break Your Heart

This Adorable Cat Will Stay A ‘Forever Kitten’ And The Reason Will Break Your Heart

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When you see this sweet tuxedo cat for the first time, you might think it’s just a young kitten. However, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s an adult cat who will, unfortunately, never get bigger than a kitten. 

But why? Katie shares the story of her cat, Fig, and the cause for her unusually small size.

“We call her our little forever kitten.”

Katie always wanted to adopt a cat from a rescue center, but she could never even imagine what it would be like. After looking at some of the local shelters, she found Fig and Dante at a charity Cats Protection.

Katie immediately fell in love with these two beauties, but something was wrong, and it wasn’t so easy… 

Dante and Fig, found together as strays, were so bonded that the charity decided they should be adopted as a pair.

The charity contacted Katie and explained that Fig’s not growing. They suspected feline dwarfism and wanted to know whether she was still interested in adopting her and Dante. Katie said yes, without even thinking. She said:

“She’s not really gotten much bigger since, to be honest. She’s about 1.65 kg (3.5 pounds), really quite tiny, about a third of the size of her brother.”

Fig is the sweetest cat ever, despite her defect and unusual size. However, the sad part about feline dwarfism is that it’s so rare.

Therefore, there is not much information about what to expect in terms of health issues, care, and characteristics

According to the College of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Missouri, feline dwarfism was first discovered in the Munchkin cat. However, they have never been fully clinically and genetically characterized. 

Despite her dwarfism, Fig was very active and playful, and she had no issues at all, until one moment. Katie explained:

“The x-rays revealed her deformities were a lot more intense than we thought they were. She’s got no kneecaps. The growth plates in her spine haven’t fused together properly.”

Fig’s now on medications that should help her with arthritis and similar issues. Though she walks fine, it’s just that she doesn’t really run and jump like other cats.

Katie takes great care of Fig and makes sure to provide her with a high-quality life. She even provided her with a little set of stairs, so she can easily move around her environment. Katie added:

“She’s very affectionate. I had cats growing up, and they weren’t really interested in human contact, but Fig absolutely loves human contact. She’ll sit next to you and get all of the warmth from the side of your leg.”

Despite her size, Fig is much like any other cat. She adores belly rubs, and she’s obsessed with food. All in all, there are both good and bad days, and Katie is aware of that. She said:

“I would never advertise for anyone to get a dwarf cat; there are health issues linked to it. She’s not gonna live a long life, which is quite hard to come to terms with. But, we know she’ll live a happy life. We’re just gonna make her as comfortable as she can while she’s with us!”

Fig is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever seen, but sadly, she’s prone to many different issues. Still, I’m happy that she has Katie by her side, ensuring she receives all the care and affection she deserves.

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