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The Unbelievable Furry Visitor Found In A Bucket During A Rainstorm

The Unbelievable Furry Visitor Found In A Bucket During A Rainstorm

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For a feral colony cat, each day brings new challenges to overcome. Unlike pet cats, they constantly have to struggle to survive on the streets and live with limited resources day by day.

However, not every cat is suited for colony life. Sometimes a once-domesticated cat finds itself in the streets, struggling amidst the tough feral crowd. If the colony caretaker doesn’t notice them, they’ll most likely face the harsh reality of street life.

That’s what happened to Gracie, a cat who battled hardships until a colony caretaker found her hitting rock bottom, and saved her life just in time!

Mama Cat Finds Refuge In A Bucket

Gracie was never meant for the rough life of a colony cat, especially when she brought kittens into such a world. Battling against the odds, she gave birth in a Las Vegas backyard. 

Fortunately, someone noticed her struggle, but it was too late for her kittens. When the September storm raged on, Gracie found herself alone, seeking shelter in a bucket by the time help finally arrived.

Tragically, Gracie lost her precious kittens, their absence weighing heavily on her heart. Yet, amidst her despair, she was given a second chance — a second chance to embrace life!

After The Storm Comes The Sun

A caring TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) rescuer managed to catch Gracie and take her to a Community Cat Clinic, where she was spayed and vaccinated. The clinic staff even praised her for being cuddly and affectionate, saying:

“Gracie is an absolute sweetheart who craves love and cuddles. She was never suited for the tough life of a community cat.” 

That was just the beginning of Gracie’s incredible journey. Because she was so friendly, she earned a spot at Nevada’s Rescued Treasures Cat Café.

Just like the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm, Gracie was given a fresh start.

True Miracle Arrives

cat relaxing on the table in the living room
Credit: Facebook

During her recovery at the Cat Café, Gracie experienced what could only be described as a true miracle — finding a forever home with Darlene, her new mom! As she shares:

“[Gracie]’s had a long road to her forever home. From a long treatment for ringworm and then and respiratory virus. But she is healthy and VERY HAPPY in her new home! She is such a love, so talkative and a big eater! She stays by my side, currently laying next to me in my home office. We are already in love!”

Take a look at Gracie now! Could you ever imagine that she was once rescued from a bucket during a rainstorm? 

fluffy grey cat
Credit: Facebook

Gracie’s tale is proof that even the stormiest beginnings can be turned into beautiful stories of hope and happiness!

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