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After Rocking The Role Of Store Manager For 9 Years, Bobo The Cat Is Ready To Retire

After Rocking The Role Of Store Manager For 9 Years, Bobo The Cat Is Ready To Retire

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Bobo, the ginger cat, needed a new home at some point, and an employee from a store in Chinatown, NY, decided to take him in. First, he was just meant to stay there because he didn’t have a home.

Next thing you know, Bobo is rocking his role of “store manager” and he has been doing it for 9 years. 

He did not take a day off in all those years. He would greet the customers and often look out the window to see who might come to the store.

Bobo is such a curious cat, but he’s also very affectionate, calm, and friendly. His owner Liao calls him “the king of the store”.

Lucky for us, she made an Instagram account so we can see how he was at the store and how retirement is treating him now.

After 9 long years, Bobo retired and is now living with his owner and enjoying the comfort and bliss of sweet retirement. 

1. Bobo needed a home, but instead, he got a job, a home, and a loving owner to call his own

2. This cat worked in a store for 9 years

3. No sick days, or days off

4. He loved his job, with all the perks and hardship

5. Paying attention to every detail…

6. He kept himself clean and work-ready

7. Used his breaks efficiently

8. He was cheerful, enjoying his work

9. Calm, friendly, and loving indeed

10. “King of the Store”

11. Most of all, he enjoyed greeting customers

12. Everyone is thankful to Bobo for his years of work

13. But retirement seems to please him…

14. …it definitely looks good on him!

15. Enjoy your retirement, Bobo! You deserved it.

Now Bobo is getting some well-deserved rest. It’s amazing how animals can thrive if we only give them a chance. 

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