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People Notice A Lost Cat At A Supermarket Parking Lot Every Day, But He’s Not Actually Lost

People Notice A Lost Cat At A Supermarket Parking Lot Every Day, But He’s Not Actually Lost

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Benji is reported missing several times a day, every day. Shoppers at a certain supermarket see him, read his tag, and call his owner. 

Yet, most are surprised to learn that Benji isn’t actually missing; he just enjoys spending time there!

cat on parking lot
Credit: Instagram

The first time it happened, Rachel, Benji’s owner made posters stating, “I am not lost. I have certain allergies, please do not feed me.” 

They also added their contact information to Benji’s collar, leading to frequent calls from people saying, “We found your cat.” Each time, the owners would reassure callers that if he’s at the supermarket parking lot, he’s perfectly fine.

flyer for not lost cat
Credit: Instagram

As soon as Benji heads outside, Rachel watches him leap over the wall, and shortly after, the calls start coming in. “Is your cat missing? I’ve found your cat,” they say, and so forth. 

It’s the same scenario every day, but Benji’s owners don’t want to dampen his spirits. Benji finds joy in that parking lot, and as long as he’s safe, they see no reason to interfere with his adventures.

black cat stretching
Credit: Facebook

Due to the frequent calls, some people suggested that Benji’s owners create a social media profile for him. So, Rachel did exactly that! Benji now has a Facebook page with many followers and fans. She cleverly notes:

“He’s got loads of people on there, he’s got more friends that I have.”

This is what it’s like when they run into him on their way home. He’s like, “What’s up? I’m not heading home just yet!”

cat wearing red collar
Credit: Facebook

Many people recognize Benji from the parking lot, and now some even know him from his Facebook page. He’s become quite beloved! 

However, there are those who criticize, suggesting that he should be kept indoors at all times. Benji’s owner acknowledges that confining him indoors is challenging and she doesn’t want to see him unhappy or depressed. 

He thrives on his outdoor excursions, and now that he’s older, he’s settled into his routine.

Occasionally, she accompanies him on his walks to ensure he safely crosses the street before bringing him back home. 

Benji stands out not just for his supermarket outings but also for his human-like behaviors, such as using the toilet. 

Remarkably, when Rachel’s son was around two years old and began potty training, Benji took it upon himself to start using the toilet as well – and he hasn’t stopped since.

“He doesn’t use cat litter, he uses the toilet., which started a few years ago when my little boy was about two, and when we were potty training him, the cat would copy and go on the potty. And then obviously when Harry, my little boy, started using the toilet, so did the cat.”

He’s certainly a fascinating little cat!

photo of black cat on toilet
Credit: Facebook

Have you ever seen Benji, maybe on Facebook or around this supermarket? What would you do if your cat enjoyed hanging out at a supermarket parking lot as much as he does? 

benji the cat with red collar
Credit: Instagram

I’m not sure what I’d do. I wouldn’t want to ruin my cat’s joy, but dealing with all those daily calls is something else. Rachel is really amazing for handling it the way she does.

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