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Cat Reunites With Her Owner After A Whopping Eleven Years Apart

Cat Reunites With Her Owner After A Whopping Eleven Years Apart

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It’s not unusual for pets to wander off and return when we least expect it. However, the story about Daisy took that case to a whole new level when she was found eleven years later!

One evening, a woman named Sian Sexton received an unexpected call from a vet. The news seemed too good to be true – Daisy, her beloved cat missing for eleven years, had been found.

black cat
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Daisy disappeared when her owner relocated to a new home in another town. She let the cat outside, sealing their fate to never see each other again.

Mrs. Sexton searched tirelessly for Daisy. She put up flyers and called out her name, hoping for her safe return. Sadly, Daisy never came back. Then came the call that changed everything.

As it turned out, Daisy was taken to this vet by a couple unaware she had an owner. They had been feeding her for years and, when they noticed her health worsened, they brought her in for a checkup.

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Luckily, the vet detected Daisy’s microchip and called Mrs. Sexton. Initially, the woman was confused, thinking they referred to her current cats at home, but soon realized it was Daisy they spoke about.

As she excitedly hurried to the vet’s office, a whirlwind of emotions swept over her – joy, relief, and a hint of sadness. Yet, when she finally saw her dear cat, Mrs. Sexton felt nothing but pure happiness.

However, though she was overjoyed to be reunited with Daisy after all those years, Mrs. Sexton’s heart sank at the sight of her pet’s poor condition, as she shared in an interview:

“She was sneezing and wheezing, and they didn’t think she would survive another winter being outside.”

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Daisy was covered in dirt and her fur was severely tangled. It was clear this poor thing suffered years of neglect.

Yet, amidst the despair, there was a ray of hope when the medical tests revealed positive results. Aside from the cat flu, Daisy was quite in good health.

Mrs. Sexton breathed a sigh of relief. Calling Daisy a “miracle cat”, she shared:

“She’s survived all this time and now in her final days she finally comes back to us.”

black cat and woman
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Indeed, Daisy’s ability to overcome those challenges and threats showed how special and resilient she was.

Mrs. Sexton wondered if Daisy recognized her after all this time. She believed the cat’s immediate warmth and affection were her silent acknowledgment of their unbreakable bond.

Now when she’s finally under the loving care of her owner, Daisy is on her path to recovery. She’s responding well to her treatment and will be ready to begin her new life in no time.

black and white cat laying on a floor
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She’s still in a separate room to prevent the spread to Mrs. Sexton’s other cats, and guess who else has been waiting to reunite with Daisy? Her sister Dory!

Mrs. Sexton looks forward to the day when Daisy and Dory are back together, surrounded by the love of their forever family, never to part again!

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