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After Years Of Roaming The Streets, Cat Comes Outside The Window Ready For A Change

After Years Of Roaming The Streets, Cat Comes Outside The Window Ready For A Change

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Every day, more cats are abandoned on the streets in the USA, left to fend for themselves. 

However, while most stray cats are afraid of humans, one orange and white cat decided he was finally ready for a change.

stray cat
Credit: Celine Crom

After years of roaming the streets, this cat, later named Cheetos, was in desperate need of a new beginning. He had been living in a neighborhood for some time, where kind-hearted people, Kurt and Meg, regularly fed him.

They wanted to offer Cheetos a helping hand and a chance for a new life, but earning his trust proved challenging.

Just as they started making progress, the weather worsened and Cheetos disappeared, probably looking for a warm shelter.

cat in home
Credit: Celine Crom

That’s when he crossed paths with Marie-Pier. Hungry and frozen, Cheetos was looking for some food when he came by her home.

Ready for a change in his life, he climbed onto a window sill and started begging for help. Upon seeing a random cat standing on her window sill, Marie-Pier was left in shock. 

She instantly noticed the cat was cold and starved, with his ears damaged by frostbite. Realizing Cheetos was in desperate need of help, Marie-Pier instantly sprang into action and brought him inside her home.

cat with collar
Credit: Celine Crom

Celine Crom from a local shelter, expressed it was a good thing Marie-Pier and Cheetos met each other, saying in an interview:

“With the freezing temperatures, he wouldn’t have made it outside alone. She took him in and reached out to us for help.”

Thanks to Marie-Pier’s quick action, Cheetos safely arrived at the shelter where he received the necessary help, and got a well-deserved rest after many years. 

cat snuggling
Credit: Celine Crom

Cheetos was estimated to be three years old, meaning he was a young cat who had endured so much in his life. All those years of living a harsh life affected his overall health condition. Celine Crom shared:

“Cheetos had x-rays which showed that his hip had a fracture at the head of the femur. The little guy needed surgery as soon as possible.”

To make things worse, Cheetos also tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), which was no surprise, given his rough life.

a cat in her cage
Credit: Celine Crom

After careful preparations, Cheetos underwent successful surgery to fix his fractured hip and continued his recovery with Josh, a foster volunteer.

There, Cheetos began showing his true personality. He was a sweet and lovely kitty who couldn’t get enough attention and cuddles. He quickly warmed up to Josh and began thriving in his new life. 

cat laying on the colorful blanket
Credit: Celine Crom

With each passing day, Cheetos was showing great progress. He became more confident around people and his overall condition improved. Celine shared:

“He’s discovered his love for catnip-infused toys, which always brings out the kitten in him. He likes to stay in boxes and cabinets while he observes the world around him. He likes to cuddle and rub his face against his humans to show them trust.”

Once Cheetos fully recovered, he only had to find a loving home to officially start a new life. Luckily, it didn’t take him long to get that chance. A loving couple fell in love with Cheetos and instantly decided to adopt him.

cat sitting still
Credit: Celine Crom

Now, Cheetos is finally living his life to the fullest, and he will never have to worry about anything in his life ever again.

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