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Mother Cat Severely Injured After Repeatedly Rushing Into The Flames To Save Her Babies

Mother Cat Severely Injured After Repeatedly Rushing Into The Flames To Save Her Babies

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Mothers go to incredible lengths for their kids, proving that nothing is stronger than a mother’s love. 

Speaking of mothers, love, and courage, it’s no different in the cat world, which can be seen from this touching story I’m about to share with you. 

This mother cat showed her courage and unconditional love for her babies when a barn caught fire, threatening to burn everything. 

close-up photo of the injured cat
Credit: Furget Me Not

The brave kitty was living on a farm, controlling the rodent population. One day, she gave birth to adorable furry babies and nested them in a warm and safe barn. 

Everything was fine until the barn caught fire, trapping the kittens inside. At that time, the farmers were having lunch and by the time they got to the barn, it was already too late.

However, it was never too late for this brave mother cat. Without hesitation, she rushed into the flames repeatedly just to save her babies.

injured mother cat
Credit: Furget Me Not

She was risking her own life, but she didn’t care about it at all. Her main goal was to take her babies to safety. She took all of her kittens out, but sadly, only one of them survived. It was so heartbreaking.

What was even more heartbreaking was that the rescue mission left the mother cat severely injured. She couldn’t escape the fire, so she endured smoke inhalation, burnt paw pads, and burnt hair all over her body.

cat lying next to kitten
Credit: Furget Me Not

The farmers were shocked by the cat’s heroic act. They were aware she needed medical attention, but sadly, they couldn’t afford it. One of them decided to get in touch with Furget Me Not, a local animal sanctuary, for help.

Despite having full capacity, the sanctuary couldn’t say no to this brave cat and her surviving kitten.

They welcomed the feline family of two, Minka and Francis, with open arms, immediately providing the essential medical care, love, and attention they needed.

cat looking into the camera
Credit: Furget Me Not

Minka, who was in considerable pain, underwent various tests, including an x-ray to assess the extent of smoke inhalation and check for lung damage. Following the x-ray, she was put to sleep so that a professional team could treat her wounds.

Later on, Minka received antibiotics, and the staff diligently treated her burn wounds every 8 hours. 

Fortunately, Francis was in good health, but they kept him close to his mother to minimize further stress. Minka’s recovery was long and challenging, but the future was bright for both her and her little one.

photo of two cats on stairs
Credit: Furget Me Not

After her recovery, the shelter took the final steps to prepare her and the kitten for their new lives, including spaying, neutering, vaccinating, and microchipping them. 

Thankfully, this duo found their forever home with a loving family, where they can leave their difficult past behind and embrace a bright future together!

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