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Brave Kitty Saves Her Owner From Heart Attack Proving How Truly Heroic Cats Can Be

Brave Kitty Saves Her Owner From Heart Attack Proving How Truly Heroic Cats Can Be

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Believe it or not, our feline friends possess incredible senses that sometimes might even save our lives. 

While they can’t diagnose ailments precisely, cats can detect that a person is sick. Thanks to this superpower, cats can actually save our lives, and there have been numerous cases of that scenario in the past. 

One such case happened to Claire Nelson, who, thanks to her furry guardian angel, survived a heart attack.

Little did Claire know that her cat would save her life when she adopted him. But, it was destined for them to meet each other. 

Claire adopted Rusty, a beautiful orange and white furry boy, from the Humane Society of Berks County, Pennsylvania. 

He had spent a lot of time at the shelter waiting for his forever home, probably because he was a bit older than other cats. But, when Claire saw Rusty, she instantly fell in love with him. 

fat cat laying
Credit: Instagram

Claire always thought that she saved Rusty by adopting him, but apparently, he gave her a “cat scan” and saved her life.

One night, Claire was feeling ill, but she thought it was just indigestion from too many candies and cookies. As soon as she ignored her condition, the usually relaxed Rusty started to act strangely. Claire recalled:

“Every time I tried to sit down or go back to bed and lay down, the cat would jump on me, put his paws on my leg, pawing at my chest, letting out these horrible meows. It was totally out of character for him.”

Rusty’s unusual behavior left Claire no choice but to address her condition. The next morning, she called her doctor to make an appointment. When she arrived at the bus station, she realized she was already in trouble. 

She called 911 as she wasn’t feeling well at all. Upon examination, the doctor told her she had suffered a heart attack. 

owner and cat together
Credit: Instagram

It was at that moment that Claire connected the dots, understanding why Rusty had acted so strangely. She couldn’t be more grateful to her furry friend.

Had it not been for Rusty’s unwavering persistence, Claire might have ignored the signs, and the outcome could have been far worse.

Luckily, everything turned out better than expected. Claire said:

“The best thing I ever did was go to the Humane Society and adopt this cat. Because at the time I thought maybe I was saving his life, it turned out he saved mine.”

Cats, truly remarkable creatures, bring an unexpected blend of love and protection into our lives. They are, without a doubt, a gift worth cherishing.

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