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Cat Scolding Owner For Being Locked Out Of Her Bedroom Will Be The Funniest Thing You See Today

Cat Scolding Owner For Being Locked Out Of Her Bedroom Will Be The Funniest Thing You See Today

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As a proud cat mom of six adorable felines, I have to admit I’m no stranger to my fluffs’ sassy attitude. These furry rascals act like they own the place (my place!), conveniently forgetting that I’m the one footing the bill.

But hey, that’s the price you pay when you have a cat. Their attitude comes free of charge, and heaven help you if you step out of line with their wishes. You’ll be on the receiving end of some serious cat-titude.

Recently, fellow cat mom Andrea Sosa from Washington, D.C. shared with her TikTok audience the consequences of upsetting her cat, Paquito.

Andrea and Paquito, her beloved Siberian Maine Coon mix gray cat, share an unbreakable, almost soulmate-like bond. They’re practically inseparable and are frequently spotted snuggled together, particularly in the mornings. 

Cuddling in bed is undoubtedly their all-time favorite morning routine. 

However, even in the midst of their idyllic partnership, trouble occasionally rears its head. Like any duo, Andrea and Paquito aren’t immune to the occasional fallout.

Not too long ago, as Andrea prepared to retire for the night, she unintentionally forgot to leave the door ajar for her cat to join her. 

As she drifted off into dreamland, she remained oblivious to Paquito’s silent pleas outside her door, yearning for a cozy snuggle with his mom.

But as dawn broke and Andrea finally swung the door open, Paquito wasted no time in expressing his discontent, scolding her for her oversight. 

Fortunately, she captured the entire scene on video, which she eagerly shared on her TikTok. Take a look:

In the video, you can see Paquito entering Andre’a’s bedroom, unable to hold back his feelings, giving his mom a piece of his mind. 

He’s meowing up a storm, sounding like he’s giving Andrea a stern talking-to for some unknown crime she’s committed against him. 

You’d think his complaints were being heard all across Washington, at least in Paquito’s mind, that is.

This 23-second video has captured the hearts of many, amassing over 24 million views on TikTok. Viewers were charmed by Paquito’s vocal protest, expressing their amusement and empathy in the comments section. 

One person humorously remarked:

“I don’t speak cat, but I understood what he was saying.”

Another empathized with Andrea’s predicament, quipping:

“Now you’re gonna have to cuddle him all day to make up.”

Fortunately, cuddling seemed to be a specialty for both Andrea and Paquito, as a single hug was all it took to mend any lingering grievances. It appears Paquito isn’t one to hold a grudge for too long!

I absolutely loved this video! No matter how many times I watch it, it always cracks me up. I hope it brought a smile to your face too. 

If you want more adorable moments with Andrea and Paquito, make sure to check out Andrea’s TikTok. She posts regularly, and trust me, you won’t want to miss her sweet interactions with her furry buddy!

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