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Cat Sneaks Into His Neighbor’s Home And Comforts A Man Recovering From Surgery

Cat Sneaks Into His Neighbor’s Home And Comforts A Man Recovering From Surgery

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Did you know that cats are able to tell that you’re sick? Well, they cannot provide you with the exact diagnosis, but they can definitely tell that something’s wrong with you, due to the different scents produced by your body.

I believe this is true, because since my grandma had a stroke, her cat has been lying on the left side of her body, which doesn’t function anymore.

However, what if you don’t have a cat, who will comfort you then? Nothing is impossible and here’s a story about a man who was recovering from surgery, who woke up and found a random cat snuggled up in his lap.

So, how and why did this kitty sneak into the house and choose to rest in this man’s lap? Let’s find out!

Andrew Fallon shared a funny and adorable story about a furry surprise that his dad got after waking up from a nap.

Andrew’s dad had some complicated surgery, after which he needed a lot of rest. One day, Andrew’s mother went out to run some errands, leaving the doors open, while Andrew’s dad was napping on the couch.

When the mother returned to the house she was surprised to find her husband wasn’t alone there anymore.

A cat snuck into the house and snuggled on top of the dad, gently holding his hands with its paws.

Even the dad, after he woke up, was shocked. The main reason for their reaction was that they didn’t even own a cat.

This sweet furry intruder’s identity was discovered very quickly. The cat’s name was Ziggy and he was a neighborhood cat. So, what made the cat sneak into the house and snuggle with Andrew’s dad? Nobody knows!

Maybe Ziggy sensed that the person from that house needed purrfessional attention, so he grabbed his chance as soon as he saw the open door.

After all, a cat’s purring is proven to be of great help and very relaxing, so maybe this little fella was just trying to help.

As soon as Andrew shared his incredible story, people immediately fell in love with this caring little cat.

Many other people shared in the comments their own experience, such as Rita Armstrong: 

“When I was recovering from an operation my cat laid just like this on me. Never had before. They know. The purr was such a comfort.”

I think that cats are amazing creatures and that they’re more caring than people may think. This story and photos are actually living proof of that. I mean, just look at them; they’re holding hands and I think I’m about to cry!

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