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Quiet Cat Who Never Meows Baffles Everyone When She Speaks An Actual Human Word

Quiet Cat Who Never Meows Baffles Everyone When She Speaks An Actual Human Word

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Meet Pipoy, a handsome cat who has always kept his family on their toes with his silent nature. 

While most cats are known for their expressive meows and purrs, Pipoy, who is one year old, has surprised everyone by remaining remarkably quiet throughout his life with his owner, Ladeen Lacambra. As she shared for The Dodo:

“For as long as we’ve had him, we haven’t heard him create any sound.”

a cat looking straight
Credit: Ladeen Lacambra

Even though he’s quiet, Pipoy is affectionate and playful. He likes to cuddle and make his family laugh with his funny behavior.

However, one day something unexpected happened. Pipoy surprised everyone by breaking his vow of silence. 

It all started when Lacambra’s brother’s girlfriend brought her cat to their house. She hoped that the two cats would become friends. 

This was the first time Pipoy had ever met another cat, and it was also his first attempt at using his voice! 

Instead of meowing like a normal cat, Pipoy made a series of sounds that sounded like “hi”! Lacambra and everyone else couldn’t believe their ears. 

beautiful cat sitting at home
Credit: Ladeen Lacambra

They were all so shocked that Pipoy was saying “hi” instead of “meow.” It was such a funny and unexpected moment that they couldn’t stop laughing. His owner continued:

“We were all shocked that Pipoy kept saying ‘hi’ instead of ‘meow’. That’s why we were laughing really hard.”

Sadly, the other cat wasn’t very open to making a new friend. Poor Pipoy was just trying to be friendly and say “hi,” but the other cat ignored him completely. As Lacambra mentioned:

“That’s the first time and, sadly, the last time we’ve heard his voice.”

a cat in the box
Credit: Ladeen Lacambra

Well, no wonder Pipoy decided to go back to being quiet and keeping to himself… But, who knows, maybe one day he will greet his family with his special “hi” again – especially if he meets a cat who he thinks is worthy of his charming hellos!

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