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Stray Cat Trapped In A Wall For Over A Week, Rescuers Struggle To Save Him In Critical Condition

Stray Cat Trapped In A Wall For Over A Week, Rescuers Struggle To Save Him In Critical Condition

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This poor stray cat has been stuck in a wall for over a week. He was stuck badly and in critical condition. The rescuers tried to get him out using a loop, but even with it around him, it was impossible to get him out.

The rescue team, Hope for Paws from California, discovered that the cat was stuck and immediately went in to save him.

cat waiting for rescuers
Credit: YouTube

They had to make a hole in the wall, but it was very difficult since the cat was behind that wall. They didn’t want to hurt him in any way, and luckily they managed to make a hole without damaging the cat.

One rescuer punched a hole in the wall while the other watched from the other side to see whether the cat would move and if he was ok. 

cat in light
Credit: YouTube

Once they punched the hole, they could see him better, but the cat was beyond frightened!

He peeked his head through the hole but was too scared to come out when he saw people. 

cat peeking through hole in the wall
Credit: YouTube

One of the rescuers managed to put a loop around his neck, but the cat was too scared and mad to cooperate.

They tried calling him, luring him, but nothing worked. They had to pull…

cat in the wall
Credit: YouTube

Once they started pulling him out, the cat snapped. He began shaking his head, clawing at the wall, hissing… Just acting like a feral cat.

The rescuer slowed down, trying to calm the cat, but it was late. He was mad and wanted to escape.

After a bit of tuck and pull, they managed to pull him out of the wall but the cat was acting wild. Jumping around and trying to escape the loop.

rescuing cat from the wall
Credit: YouTube

Trying to get him into a cage was tough because he kept hissing and jumping, making it really hard to catch him. He didn’t stop hissing or clawing, and it looked like they wouldn’t be able to get near him.

angry cat
Credit: YouTube

The cat was so scared that even the sound of his claws on the cage freaked him out. But after a while, the rescue team finally got him into the cage. He was still scared, but he cuddled into the blanket in the cage and stopped hissing.

Turns out, he wasn’t wild at heart; he was just really scared and hurt.

cat in cave
Credit: YouTube

The rescue team in California took great care of him and gave him the name Walldo. His treatment was a success; he relaxed fully and showed his true nature as a big lover of cuddles. It wasn’t long before someone adopted him.

man holding cat in arms
Credit: YouTube

Walldo is incredibly sweet and affectionate, having just had a bit of bad luck. Despite being trapped in a wall for over a week, he was fortunate to come out of it without any serious health problems.

cats licking each other
Credit: YouTube

Now, Walldo is loving life in his forever home, complete with a cat sibling for company. He’s turned out to be a wonderful pet, all thanks to Hope for Paws and LTBL Feline Rescue for helping him find a family that adores his cuddly personality.

Check out how the California team came to Walldo’s rescue in the video below:

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