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Rescued Cat Finds Comfort Among A Herd Of Cows

Rescued Cat Finds Comfort Among A Herd Of Cows

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Introducing Daisy, the black cat who faced abandonment twice before she turned 7 months old. When she was just a kitten, she found her way to the RSPCA, but her initial encounters with people and other cats left her with a disdain for both.

Daisy had two previous owners, but her reluctance to get along with other felines and humans made it impossible for them to keep her as a pet.

However, fortune smiled upon Daisy when dairy farmer Ruth Grice thought she’d be a perfect fit for farm life. 

So, she welcomed Daisy into her life. Little did anyone know that Daisy, the cat seemingly at odds with everyone she’d met so far, would form an extraordinary bond… with cows!

The RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Center shared on their Facebook page:


Not every cat is suited to the same kind of lifestyle. 

Just as people have individual needs and personalities, so do cats. Such cats come from a variety of backgrounds. They may have been poorly socialized when they were very young kittens and may not have had the right kind of interactions with people. They may see people as a threat and find their behavior unpredictable, unsettling, and unwelcome.”

“Many Inbetweeners can do well living a free-roaming lifestyle where they have food and shelter and a person who looks out for them, caring for them from a distance. There are many appropriate environments where this can be the case. Stables, farms, and spacious gardens are often ideal. And that’s exactly what Daisy needed. Settling in well on the farm and slowly venturing further afield.” 

“Daisy met the calves for the first time last week, and they seem to be getting on smooooothly.”

It turns out that Daisy had a penchant for nature and farm life over the indoor-cat routine. As soon as she arrived on the farm, she felt right at home.

Ruth, her caring human, is overjoyed to have adopted Daisy and offered her a suitable home. Daisy swiftly adjusted, and it appears she’s enjoying her newfound life.

Thanks to Ruth’s compassion, Daisy is now living the life she always dreamed of. Ruth commented on the RSPCA’s post, saying:

“Pleased to report that Daisy has found a very cozy place to sleep in the straw rack… It has a very commanding view for the queen of the calf shed 🐱👑”

It’s incredible how much we can learn from our feline companions if we only give them a chance.

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